Spectrum Techniques

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Geiger-Mueller Counting Systems and Accessories

These Geiger-Mueller counting systems are ideal for the instruction of modern physics, nuclear medicine, health physics, radiochemistry, biology and other applied nuclear sciences.

Scintillation Spectrometers and MCA's

UCS-30 Scintillation Spectrometer / Multi-Channel Analyzer by Spectrum Techniques

Spectroscopy systems provide a means of recording and analyzing the radiation emission from a wide variety of samples using a personal computer. Our spectroscopy systems interface with PC and MAC.

Gamma Counters and wipe testers

ST-360W SCA Well Counter demo by Spectrum Techniques

Scintillation counters provide a convenient means of assaying a variety of gamma emitting samples including wipe, test tube or planchets. Systems operate over a wide energy range from less than 20keV to well into the MeV range. The scintillation counters produce a gross count of the photon emission from the sample.

Disc and plastic Laminate Sources

RSS-3 radiation source kit demo by Spectech These sources are supplied as plastic discs or as thin plastic laminates. With the exception of the alpha source, the small quantity of radioactive material is sealed in the plastic with epoxy to prevent leakage and contamination.

Isotope Generator for Half Life Studies

isotope generator by Spectrum Techniques This Cs-137/Ba-137m Isotope Generator is used to conduct experiment in schools and universities to demonstrate the properties of radioactive decay.

Tube and Rod Sources for Well Detectors

Tube sources for Well Scintillation Detectors by Spectech This Cs-137/Ba-137m Isotope Generator is used to conduct experiment in schools and universities to demonstrate the properties of radioactive decay.

Needle Sources for Cloud Chambers

Radionuclide Needle Source by Spectrum Techniques These exempt quantity gamma sources are encapsulated in standard size test tubes or rods for use with well type radiation detectors.

Detectors and Stands

GM-35 Geiger-Mueller Detector by Spectrum Techniques This is a complete list of the G-M detectors, scintillation detectors, well scintillation counters, and stands used in Spectrum Techniques radiation counting assemblies.


ST-360 Ratemeter by spectech

Spectech components: multi-channel analyzers, single channel analyzers, and ratemeters are available as replacement parts for existing systems. Detectors made by other manufacturers are often compatible with Spectech components.



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