Intermediate Nuclear Lab System

365B Radation Counter with Detector, Absorbers, Source Kit, and Software

st365B radiation counter system with detector and absorbers

This system is ideal for educational use. The complete system inculdes the 365B counter, interfacing with end window G-M Detector. The end window detector is mounted on a 10 sample tray. The ST365B Wireless Radiation Counter features a 16 character, backlit LCD screen.

A radiation absorber kit includes aluminum, plastic, and lead plates. The absorbers range from 4.5 to 7367 mg/cm2. The RSS5 radioactive souce kit includes Cs-137, Co-60, Sr-90, Tl-204 and Po-210, the RSS-5 provides a wide of alpha, beta and gamma emissions making it a popular choice for nuclear science instruction. The set contains two beta emitters, two beta-gamma emitters and one alpha source for in-depth studies of radiation. The system interfaces with the STU software, which is downloaded to your PC, Mac or Android.

System Components:

ST365B: ST365 Radiation Counter
USB: USB cable (6 ft.)
GP35: Complete detector assembly
RAS20: 20 piece radiation absorber set
RSS5 or RSS5EU: Set of 5 exempt quantity radioactive sources
LM5: Experiment lab manuals (CD version)

ST365B Radiation Counter

st365b radiation counter

The ST365B Wireless Radiation Counter can interface with Geiger-Mueller detectors and scintillation detectors. Enhanced wireless connectivity allows easy communication with software and Android. The ST365B is ideal for educational and industrial use.

GP35 Detector Assembly

GB-35 geiger mueller detector

The GP35, complete GM detector assembly includes our GM35, end-window, Geiger-Mueller detector, a 3 ft BNC cable, a 10 position sample stand, and sample tray.

RAS20 Radiation Absorber Kit

radiation absorber kit

The RAS 20 comes with 20 absorbers consisting of aluminum, plastic, and lead plates. The absorbers range from 4.5 to 7367 mg/cm2.

RSS5 Source Kit

radioactive source kit, five sources

The RSS5 consists of 5 disk sources: 1 alpha emitter, 2 beta emitters, and 2 gamma emitters.

STU Software

STU software for ST-365B ratemeter

When using with a computer or app, the ST365 is controlled using Spectrum Techniques’ new STU software.

ST365B radiation Counter Specifictions

Inputs: BNC connector – connects to standard Geiger tubes; MHV connector – connects to scintillation detectors.
High voltage: 0 to +1200 volts, selectable in 10 volt increments.
Display: 16 Character LCD, Back light Alpha Numeric; mode LEDs
Modes: Counts; Elapsed Time; Preset Time; Count Rate (cpm or cps); High Voltage Level
Control: USB 2.0, LAN, and WiFi for both PC and Mac. WiFi Direct for Smart Phone
Power: AC adapter, 9 volt DC, at 1200 mA
Dimensions: 9 in. W, x 6.75 in D, x 3 in H
Software: Spectrum Techniques Ultra software for Windows and Mac, Spectrum Techniques Ultra Mobile for Android devices.

GM35, end-window, GM Detector Specifications

Base: BNC connector
Cathode Wall Material: 446 Stainless Steel
Cathode Wall Thickness: 0.6 in. (1.52 mm)
Cathode Wall O.D.: 1.25 in. (31.75 mm)
Cathode Wall Length: 2.47 in. (62.8 mm)
Gas filling: Neon & Halogen
Window: Mica, 1.8 – 2.2 mg/cm2
Window Diameter: 1.21 in. (30.7 mm)
Max Temperature: +50°C
Maximum Altitude: 8,000 ft
Background:50 cpm (V = 900)
Dead time: 100 μsec (V = 900)

GM Stand with Sample Tray Specifications

GM Stand Material: Rugged Plastic
Tray positions: 10
Spacing: 1 cm apart
Sample Tray Material: Lexan

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