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Liquid, Solid and Gas Analysis Containers

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Our Marinelli beakers and matching lids are fabricated with chemically resistant polypropylene and are available for gamma spectral analysis of a variety of liquid solutions or solid samples. These beakers are advantageous for the following reasons:

Our Marinelli beakers provide a convenient and cost-effective means for analyzing moderate to low activity level radioactive liquid samples directly for gamma ray emitting isotopes. Use of our disposable beakers eliminates the tedious and time consuming process of evaporating large volumes of liquid samples in planchets prior to analysis. Disposable Marinelli beakers also minimize the inaccuracies created by evaporation of radionuclides that may be present in volatile form.

Facilities which have heavy liquid sample loads and must obtain detection sensitivities as low as 5 x 10-7 uCi/ml for particular isotopes may eliminate the need of purchasing additional instrumentation by utilizing the Marinelli beakers in a disposable manner.