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Radiogas Containers

Radiogas sample containers that function both as a sample container and an analysis container.
[To Image Page] Model RG-25V Radiogas Container / Valve
Container P/N: RG-25 Valve P/N: GAV-1
[To Image Page] Model RG-100V Radiogas Container/Valve
Container P/N: RG-100 Valve P/N: GAV-1
Radiogas Container Overview
These  radiogas sample
containers that function both as a sample
container and an analysis container.

These containers and valves, with dual stopcock purge system will withstand at
least 10 (PSIG) pressure. The valves facilitate the collection of gas samples and
permit the flushing, venting and containment of gases better than any other commercially
available plastic valve. Quick-disconnect valves may also be utilized with the RADIOGAS

These RADIOGAS CONTAINERS are available in 25 cc or 100 cc volume sizes. They are
suitable for gamma spectrum analysis of radioactive gas samples containing moderate-
to-high levels of radioactivity; such as those found in nuclear power plant gas decay
tanks and containment atmospheres. These containers are also in a geometric configuration
to allow higher level radioactive samples to be easily elevated from the detector; thus
eliminating high dead-time problems due to very-high count rates.

Key features of the RADIOGAS CONTAINERS

1. LOW COST - RADIOGAS CONTAINERS are priced substantially
less than any other comparable product.

2. DISPOSABLE USE - Disposable Radiogas containers preclude the
necessity of counting backgrounds prior to analysis. This allows
for more efficient use computerized gamma spectroscopy
systems. The cost associated with decontaminating containers
for reuse is also eliminated and reduces the cost of utilizing these handy
containers in a disposable manner.

have highly reproducible dimensions. The containers can be set
directly on the detector and easily aligned with the detector’s
central axis to achieve the greatest total efficiency possible.

are an integral unit made of high-quality, rigid, lightweight plastic
materials resistant to corrosive gas mediums. Thin-wall construction
provides greater detection sensitivities by minimizing the attenuation of
low-energy gamma rays such as the 81 Kev gamma line of Xe-133.

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