Fume Hoods

Vented Fume hood for radioiodine

Portable and Vented

Our fume hoods are useful in chemistry labs. They are designed to limit personnel exposure to hazardous fumes. We offer two types of fume hoods: filtered re-circulating and vented (ducted). The principle is the same for both types of fume hoods. Air is drawn in from the front of the cabinet by a fan, and expelled through ductwork, or made safe through filtration and fed back into the room. Our filtration includes carbon, potassium permangente, and HEPA. Filters are placed onto the portable fume hood or removal of organic vapors, formaldehyde and particulates. Filters can be stacked and their gaskets are seamless to ensure all contaminants pass through the filter media. Our portable fume hoods are available in three different widths: 24 inches, 30 inches and 50 inches. The depth of the portable fume hood is 18 inches for all three models. We also manufacture a vented, stainless steel fume hood for radioiodine applications.