PFH-50  50 inch Portable Fume Hood

This is our largest portable fume hood covering 50" Length  x 18" Depth  x 18" High. There is room for two workers, and two blowers provide a strong airflow. These portable fume hoods can vent directly into laboratories and have no need to be piped into an exhaust system. HEPA filters,  potassium permangenate filters, and carbon filters are available for removal of organic vapors, iodine, formaldehyde and particulates. Filters can be stacked and their gaskets are seamless to ensure all contaminants pass through the filter media.  **not for radioiodine


Blower 23-3/8" x 12"d x 12"h

Work Area

50"L x 18"D x18"H

Flow Rates (FPM)

Filter Type Hepa-6" Carbon Potassium Permangente HEPA-3" K-Permangente Vented      (No Filter)
Carbon Carbon
8" Opening 0-186 0-101 0-107 0-62 0-112 0-355


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