Marinelli Style Gas Analysis Containers

For Gamma Spectral Analysis of Gas Samples

1 liter Gas Marinelli Containers

4 Liter Gas Marinelli Containers

Marinelli Style Gas Container Overview

Gas Valves Sold Seperately

Our beakers are available for Ge-Li, 2xw NaI, 3x3 NaI and 4x4 NaI detectors, as well as the new high-efficiency germanium detectors having endcap diameters of 2.75 in, 3.75 in, and 4.0 in.

The beakers are designed to be used with two valves which permit the flushing, venting and containment of the radioactive gas samples. PVC O-ring valves or quick disconnect valves are also available.

Our gas beakers are specifically designed for disposable use and may be obtained for very economical prices when purchased in bulk quantities. Disposable use is appropriate for laboratories having large sample loads and/or low detection sensitivity requirements.

If proper administrative controls are implemented, the gas beakers may also be reused in certain applications. The use of our gas beakers enables one to significantly reduce sample count times without sacrificing detection sensitivity. Our containers possess high geometric efficiencies and maximize the quantity of sample gas proximate to the detector.

Key features of the Gas Beakers are:

1. Thin Wall Construction - Thin cavity walls minimize attenuation of low energy gamma ray lines such as the 81 Kev gamma ray of Xe-133 normally found in nuclear power plant radwaste discharges and process streams.

2. Reproducible Dimensions - Reproducible thin-wall dimensions ensure consistency between the geometric efficiencies of calibrated standards and samples.

3. Rigid Container Walls - Gas Beakers can be conveniently used in applications requiring up to 10 pounds per square inch gauge (PSIG).

4. The Marinelli style gas analysis containers are priced significantlylower than other similar containers of the market today.

5. Gas Beakers can be utilized conveniently for gas or liquid standards.