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WB Johnson, Automess, SE International, Spectech, Tech Associates

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Some examples of our product lines...

ERK Nuclear Emergency Response Kit by WB Johnson

Survey Meters

Johnson Nuclear DSM-501 Digital MicroR meter

525 ERK Emergency Kit

Assorted Survey Meters

DSM-501 MicroR Meter

Nuclear Emergency Response

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-ray, Neutron, and Radon

Digital MicroR Meter

Overhoff Radon Monitor

451P Ion chambers and other ion chambers

AM-806 area monitor


Ion Chambers

Radon Monitor

New and Used

ranger radation detector
tbm-ic-pulse x Ion Chamber by Technical Associates


marinelli beakers


TBM-IC-Pulse-X - New

Marinelli Beakers

Fast Response for Nano Second Pulse X-ray

Liquid and Solid Analysis Containers/Beakers,

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NSN3 Neutron Survey Meter by Fuji Electric
Rad CanScan -Radiation Detection for Trucks
lead glass radiation shielding


Rad CanScan

Lead Glass

Neutron Survey Meter

Many sizes and thicknesses

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