Model 52-1 Radiation Portal Monitor

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52-1 portal monitor side view with display 52-1 portal monitor side view with display 52-1 portal monitor pelican case

Indicated Use: Portable personnel monitoring (NOTE: This instrument is portable and can be assembled or disassembled in less than 5 minutes. Carrying case is included)
Detectors: 4 ea. 168 cubic inch plastic scintillation allowing a total detection area of 672 cubic inches
Threshold: 4 plus or minus 1 mV
Display: 2 line X 20 character LCD shows background rates from all detectors, and sigma values above background.
Indicated by red LED, and audible signal (greater than 60 dB at 2 feet)
Count Time: Adjustable from 0 - 20 seconds (0 second setting is for walk through mode)
Enter/Checking: (green LED) Indicates system is ready for use. Flashing LED indicates a count is in progress.
Incomplete/Updating: (amber LED) Indicates the user has stepped out of the portal before counting was completed, or that an update is in progress.
Failure: (red LED) Indicates a high or low background
Inrared Sensor: A retro-reflective sensor senses portal occupancy
Parameters: All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory
RS-232 and relay output connectors located on the bottom of the electronics chassis
85 - 250 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz single phase (less than 100 mA); or 3 ea. "D" cell batteries.
Battery Life: Typically 24 hours in a non-alarm condition
Aluminum housing with beige polyurethane enamel paint
Temperature Range: -4° F(-20°C) to 122° F(50° C)
Size: 83"(211cm)H X 28"(71cm)W X 18"(46cm)D
Portal Dimensions: 81"(206cm)H X 24"(61cm)W
Weight: 70 lbs (32kg)
Shipping Weight: 100 lbs (45kg)