Sentry EC- Personal Alarming Dosimeter

sentry dosimeter by SE International

for Gamma and X-Ray Radiation

Internal Memory

The Radiation Alert® Sentry EC is a Personal Alarming Dosimeter / Ratemeter designed to protect personnel who are exposed to x-ray or gamma radiation. The pocket sized unit has built in memory for recording data points for tracking accumulated exposure. The Sentry Software option enables the user to generate incident reconstruction for analysis. The vibrating and audio alarm can be easily set to desired levels for dose and dose rate. The Sentry features an audio switch to choose between audible clicks or a discreet silent mode. The low price includes software and cable for PC interface.

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Detector: Energy Compensated GM Tube
Dose Rate: 0.1 – 15 R/hr (1 µSv/hr – .15 Sv/hr)
Accumulated Dose: 0.1 – 65 R (1 µSv – .65 Sv)
Energy Response: Down to 20 KeV
sentry energy response Switch Functions: Power, Vibrate and Audible Alert, Silent Vibrating Only Alert, and Audio Clicks On/Off
Output: Mini-USB
Accuracy: Typically ±15% of reading (Cs137)
Dose Rate Linearity: Better than ±15% up to 15 R
Gamma Sensitivity: 1.5 cps/mR/hr referenced to Co-60
Audible Alarms: 90db @ 1 ft.

sentry functions

Sentry Software

The optional Sentry Com Software enables you to set the values for dose and dose rate alarms and warnings, set the Cal Factor, and the data logging frequency. It also allows the user to download the accumulated dose data, which includes time and date stamp, exposure, and power cycle identifiers (shows all zeros for data point when unit is turned off and on) for analysis. Click on imagine below for a detailed screen shot/view.

Click On Image for Software Screenshot SE International sentry dosimeter software screenshot

SentryEC Manual