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for Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray and Neutron Radiation


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Raw Lead shielding for Gamma and X-ray

Lead Bricks flat and interlocking, new and used
Lead Foil radiation shielding for doors, frames and walls
Lead Blankets lead wool blankets for the nuclear industry
Lead Sheets custom cutting and fabrication available
Lead Wall for L-block shield used in PET applications
Lead-lined drywall for shielding in x-ray rooms

Lead-Lined Containers

Stainless Steel Lead- Containers ideal for storing radioactive lab wastes. Shielding is 1/8 or 1/4 in. thick lead
Lead Lined Drums for radioactive waste storage, lined with 1/4" or 1/8" lead shielding
Poly 15 Gallon Drum ideal for beta or gamma waste storage, available with 1/8" lead, 1/4" lead and without lead.
Lead Pigs various thicknesses, ideal for storing radioactive isotopes
Sharps Shields Containers shielded with lead for disposal of used syringes that contain low-energy gamma radiation

Beta Shielding

Beta Bins PLC series, clear acrylic storage container for shielding beta radioactive waste
Benchtop Shields - Beta 3/8 inch thick polished acrylic beta shield is ideal for P-32 and other beta emitters.
Beta-Safe/Work Station enclosed work area provides 360 degree radiation shielding for both users and those working nearby.
Lockboxes Benchtop or large floor models are available in 1/2" clear acrylic, leaded acrylic and combination beta/gamma shielding

Shielding for Radiation Therapy and Radiology, X-ray

Selenia Shield for shielding personnel using the Selenia Digital Mammography System
Mobile Shields for shielding personnel from x-ray radiation
Rolling Shields for personnel performing radiation therapy procedures
L-Block lead glass shields Designed for receiving and preparing unit doses of high-energy radio nuclides
Lead Acrylic clear acrylic shielding used for gamma and x-ray radiation
Leaded Glass commonly used in x-ray rooms
Gamma Waste Storage Boxes boxes provide excellent sample visibility while offering protection against low level gamma-emitters
Beta-gamma Bin 3/8 inch yellow acrylic outside, inside 1/4 inch clear acrylic beta box with 1/32 inch lead shielding
Lead glass shield bench top shield for higher energy lab isotopes
Radiation attenuation gloves (now lead free) Reduces radiation exposure 10-30% of attenuation at 60 keV to 125 keV.
Benchtop Shields- Gamma vertical and angled shields ranging from 0.5 to1.5 mm Pb equivalence
Water Tanks Water tank radiation shield fabricated with with aluminum plate
Lead Glasses to shield the eyes from gamma radiation, prescription and non-prescription are available
Lead aprons for x-ray technicians and patients
Lead vinyl
soft radiation shielding for gamma and x-ray radiation
LX-57B Lead Glass for x-ray and gamma radiation shielding
Radguard "Radiation Guard" Lead-lined underwear for brachytherapy patients (iodine sides implanted in prostate cancer tumors)

Neutron Radiation Shielding

Borated Polyethylene in assorted thicknesses of 4'x8' sheets for neutron radiation shielding
High Density Polyethelyne Non-borated sheets of polyethelyne in assorted thicknesses


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