Benchtop Shields for Gamma Radiation

Verticle and Angled shields made with Leaded Acrylic (Clear Pb)

Vertical Leaded Acrylic Shield

PBA-05-A verticle benchtop shield for gamma radiation

These benchtop shields are ideal for laboratory use when low energy gamma radiation is present. They are made of  leaded acrylic, "clear Pb" is made from an acrylic copolymer resin into which lead is chemically introduced as an organic salt compound. "Clear Pb" contains 30% lead by weight. Its Physical properties are similar to those of conventional acrylic resins. Verticle shields include 0.5 mm and 1.5 mm lead equivlance. A larger and smaller size is avaiable in each thickness.

Model Dimensions
DSPBA-05A (9 in x 12 in) 0.5 mm PB eq
DS-PBA-15A (9 in x 12 in) 1.5 mm PB eq
DS-PBA-15B (12 in x 18 in) 1.5 mm PB eq
DS-PBA-05B (12 in x 18 in) 0.5 mm PB eq

15 Degree Angle Leaded Acrylic Shields

15 degree angle Benchtop Gamma Radiation shield

The angled shields are available in 12x18 in and 9x12 in sizes. 1.5 mm lead equivalence and 0.5 mm lead equivalence can be purchased, based on availability. Shields were made with high-grade Japanese glass, providing protection from radiation exposure when working with radionuclides. The leaded acrylic shields are a light yellow color, but offer full transparency and shatter resistance. They are angled for suer’s convenience. Shields protect the face and body while permitting clear views of operations. These models are especially recommended for iodine-125. The shield is useful for other low energy gamma emitters. Assembly hardware and sturdy plastic supports are included. Lead acrylic is not recommended for beta emitters.

Model Dimensions
DS-PBA-15AA-15 (9 in x 12 in) 1.5 mm PB eq
DS-PBA-15BA-15 (12 in x 18 in) 1.5 mm PB eq
DS-PBA-05BA-15 (12 in x 18 in) 0.5 mm PB eq