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NIST Traceable Calibration Standards, Check Sources, and Flood Sources

C-thru flood source, Cobolt-57 by Eckert and Ziegler

C-THRU Co-57 Flood Source

C-Thru’s source holder is made of transparent, durable plastic. The radioactive area is clearly visible, enabling the C-Thru source to be easily positioned on the camera head. These are used for daily extrinsic quality control (QC) on gamma cameras in nuclear Medicine The C-thru is the only transparent flood source available in the industry...more.

Flood source by Ezag, Featherlite, Co-57

Featherlite Model Flood Sources

FeatherLite weighs up to 60% less than other standard flood sources. FeatherLite saves strain on the user's back. FeatherLite is available for all popular cameras, with a choice of storage cases. EZIP’s FeatherLite Co-57 flood sources consist of cobalt chloride uniformly dispersed onto a thin substrate, which is then placed in an ABS encapsulation and ultrasonically welded...more.


Perflexion Co-57 Flood Source by Ezag

Perflexion Model Flood Source

Perflexion is the first and only flexible Flood Source. The Perflexion flood source reduces bulk and weight with its unique flexible design and tungsten composite Wolfguard shield. The Perflexion flood source reduces bulk and weight with its unique flexible design and tungsten composite Wolfguard shield. Perflexion flood sources consist of Co-57 uniformly dispersed in a polyurethane matrix within a flexible coated-fabric capsule...more.

alpha calibration standards, isotopes by ezag

Alpha Calibration Standards (Discs)

The type A-1 source is permanently fixed in an aluminum holder, 25.4 mm x 3.18 mm. The active diameter is 5.0 mm.The type A-2 source is permanently fixed in an aluminum holder12.7 mm x 6.35 mm. The active diameter is 5.0 mm. The PM source is mounted in a plastic holder from which it can be separated. The holder is 25.4 mm x 3.18 mm, with the active diameter 5.0 mm. All alpha standards are spectral grade sources up to the activity and active diameters listed unless otherwise noted...more.

Beta Calibration Standards by Eckert and Ziegler, discs

Beta Calibration Standards (Discs)

Type A beta sources are 25.4 mm D x 3.18 mm. The active material is uniformly distributed over the surface of a 0.937” (23.8 mm) diameter foil and sealed in an aluminum mounting ring under a 0.9 mg/cm2 aluminized Mylar window. Type MF2 is a “scatterless” configuration; activity is applied as a 3 mm spot centered between two 0.9 mg/cm2 aluminized mylar foils...more.

Gamma Calibration Standards by Ezag, Eckert and Ziegler

Gamma Calibration Standards (Discs)

Type D sources are mainly used for checking the performance of GM and NaI detectors. The type D disk is high strength plastic, 25.4 mm x 6.35 mm. The active diameter is 5 mm. The Type M “scatterless” disk is used for high resolution solid state detectors. The activity is deposited on 9 mg/cm2 aluminumized Mylar (polyester) disk, and covered with 0.9 mg/cm2 Kapton (polymide). The active diameter is 3 mm...more.

Cesium 137 check source by Spectrum Techniques

Check Sources Discs, Inexepensive, non-NIST

These sources are supplied as one inch (25.4 mm) plastic discs. The small quantity of radioactive material is sealed in the plastic with epoxy to prevent leakage and contamination. The transmission window can transmit both beta and gamma emissions without undue absorption. Istotopes avaiable: Ba-133, CD-109, CS-57, Co-60, Cs-137, Cs/ZnS, Mn-54, Na-22, Sr-90, Zn-65...more.

Test Tube Sources by Spectrum Techniques, non-calibrated

Check Sources Tubes, Inexepensive, non-NIST

We offer exempt quantity gamma tube sources, encapsulated in standard size test tubes for use with well type radiation detectors. The isotope is deposited as a point source in the bottom of the tube and is then sealed with epoxy. Two tube sizes are offered as standard, 13 mm x 100 mm and 16 mm x 12 mm. Isotopes include Cesium-137, Cobolt 60, Barium-133, Sodium 22, and others...more.

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