P-8-Neon X-ray Detector

Eight Detectors in One Unit

Rapid Survey of Large Areas

>P-8-Neon X-ray Detector

The P-8-Neon has 8 detectors on a paddle with a handle. Sweeping large surface area is quick and efficient. The detectors alert individually providing a specific identification of any leak. Using a smaller device would take much longer to scan a large area, resulting in expensive labor costs and downtime. State and federal regulations require that X-ray devices must not leak X- rays in excess of 0.5 mR/hr from any 10 cm2 area as measured at a distance of 5 cm. Manually scanning the surface of a large x-ray machine or airport luggage scanner is time consuming and tedious. The P-8 Neon survey is 800% faster than the conventional one detector survey meter. Applications include X-ray scanners, packages, floors and walls.

>P-8-Neon X-ray Detector, detector array


Detector: Measures Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray.
Sensitive Area: 206 cm2, Window 1.5 - 2.0 mg/cm
Temperature: -10 deg. C to 40 deg. C
Locator Lights: 8 Large Red LED’s indicate which of the 8 detectors is firing, i.e. detecting an X-ray leak.
Audio: Click rate is proportional to radiation level to help locate hottest spots. Audio emits clicking sound. Red light and audio alarm show if total count-rate is above preset users level. (User adjustable).
High: Trips at 1 mR/hr- or use recessed adjustment.
Alert: Trips at 0.1mR/Hr or Adjust.
P-15 probe: Separable 5 cm diameter probe with cable and mounting clip. Useful for hard-to-reach corners.

P8 Neon X-ray detector schematic


  1. Choose one side of X-ray cabinet to survey, first.
  2. Use chalk to divide this side of cabinet into regions, each 40 cm wide.
  3. Set X-Ray emitter to continuous emission or continuous use.
  4. Place the  P-8 Neon-A Probe against side of cabinet and sweep it along at approximately 2.5 cm per second.
  5. Observe  the eight lights on the P-8 Neon-A Probe
  6.  Stop when you see a constant red light.
  7. Use the chalk to mark the location of the alarmed light.
  8. Continue the survey.
  9. When surveys are completed, repair shielding at the "hot spots" identified by the P-8 Neon-A.
  10. Measure the dose in Roentgens or Sieverts with an ion chamber survey meter, such as the TBM-IC-X-Ray.

Ordering Information

P-8-Neon: basic 8 detector system
P-8-Neon ASC: 8 detector system with expternal P-15 probe and carrying case