TBM-IC-XRAY Ion Chamber

Compliance Test Ion Chamber

TBM-IC-XRAY Ionization Chamber

The Model TBM-IC-XRAY provides accurate compliance testing of a wide variety of X-Ray machines, televisons and computer monitors, luggage and personell x-ray scanners. The TBM-IC-XRAY is now more compact and lightweight. This ion changer features the latest, most stable, drift-free electrometer technology. The instrument consists of an air-equivalent ion chamber coupled to a stable solid state MOSFET input electrometer with a built-in A to D converter to read out directly in mR/h or mR. Rate Range is 0.01 mR/h to 100.00 mR/h in one range. Dose range is 0.01 mR to 10 R.

TBM-IC-XRAY Ion Chamber



Signal Without Sleeve

Image TBM-IC-XRay Energy Response Curve

TBM-IC-X-ray Manual