Dorado Patient Positioning Lasers

Fixed and Movable Laser Modules for CT and PET-CT

The user chooses the optimal combination of lasers for patient marking. CT and PET-CT Dorado laser systems are precision tools for patient marking to the correct positioning during irradiation. The number of movable lasers can be configured according to individual workflow. The laser control software CARINAnav is delivered pre-installed on a tablet or desktop PC. Fine adjustment of the laser lines can be done manually by means of adjusting screws in all degrees of freedom.

Dorado 1 Laser

Dorado 1 Laser Module

For precise patient alignment and easy marking, the sagittal laser line is user-adjustable. The transversal and coronal body planes are projected via fixed lasers.

Doardo 3 Laser

Dorado 3 Laser Module

The two movable sagittal and coronal lines allow Dorado 3 system to offer increased flexibility for marking and virtual simulation. The transversal body plane is projected via fixed lasers.

Technical Data - Dorado

Dimensions Depending on mounting version, please consult our data sheets
Laser color (typical wave length) Red (638 nm)
Laser class 2
Laser adjustment Manually
Line width up to 4 m distance < 1 mm
Line length at 3 m distance > 3 m
Positioning accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
Projection precision +/- 0.5 mm at a projection distance of 4 m
Travel range 700 mm
Travel speed up to 200 mm/s
Power supply 100 … 240 V AC, 50 … 60 Hz
Scope of delivery Laser system, CARINAnav laser control, Wilke phantom, cable set


CARINAnav – Smart Laser Control

The CARINAnav control system required for moving the laser consists of the laser control software and hardware aligned with it, such as a tablet or desktop PC. Various interfaces like LAP file format and DICOM are available for communication with the scanner. In some cases, a directly integrated laser control is available, in the scanner manufacturer software, such as in Siemens Syngo via RT Image Suite. F CarinaNav laser control


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