Pug 7 Survey Meter with Fast Neutron Probe

Pug-7 with fast neutron probe

The PUG-7 utilizes continuously adjustable regulated high voltage supply 1500V detector delivering a one millivolt or above pulse. An adjustable discriminator allows full control over system sensitivity. The meter on the PUG-7 instrument reads out in CPM for neutron detection.

The shell of the instrument is smoothly finished, attractive baked enamel over aluminum case. The cover is machined, black anodized aluminum with white highly visible markings. The meter face presents four ranges. 0-500; 5,000; 50,000; 500,000 counts per minute, plus battery check marking.


Indicators: Panel meter: 0-500 cpm (times range switch multiplier), 0-1,500 volts Battery condition: Flashing Red LED and Audible Sonalert. Proportional to count rate.
Ranges: 0-500; 5,000; 50,000; 500,000 cpm (opt 0-5 cps) plus mR, uR or R/h (optionally SI units) overlay, depending on probe.
Probe Connector: BNC (optionally MHV) low noise Teflon insulated.
Battery: 9 volt transistor battery EverReady 1222 or equivalent (150-300 hours typical life).
Dimensions: 3-1/4'' H, 4-1/4'' W, 7-1/4'' long excluding probe holder and handle.
Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz. Shipping weight 5 lbs.

Probe: PNS-19 Fast Neutron Scintillation Probe insensitive to gamma radiation in fields below 100 R/hr. The neutron - proton reaction is used to measure energy deposited by neutrons. A shaped light pipe and moderator about the ZnS.Ag phosphor gives a consistent Rem to count ratio for incident neutrons 1/4 MeV and above, within ± 30%.

Pug 7 Survey Meter with the Model PNS-19 Fast Neutron Detector