PPVM-TA Vehicle Radiation Monitor

For Vehicles and Personnel

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PVM-TA Vehicle and Personnell Radiation Monitor

Description: The system features a portable control - alarm module with two portable weather proof detectors. Each side includes a 792 in3 plastic scintillation detector. The rate-of-change electronics include audio and visual alarms. The system operates on built-in rechargeable batteries or 110/220 Volts AC. The PPVM-TA can be operated in rugged outdoor environments ,as well as indoors. The unit is a high sensitivity Gamma Monitoring system for determining possible radiation contamination in containers or vehicles on a non-pause basis. Since the operation of this instrument is based on rate of change in radiation, it will reliably pick up contamination as it passes near the monitor. Model PPVM-TB achieves greater sensitivity by stop and count approach. This system can be set-up at the road side or in a parking lot. It can be mounted to a fence post or at a loading dock or at a roadway station. Background is continually update and subtracted thus giving net vehicle reading.

PVM-TA Vehicle Radiation Monitor Speficiations

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 PVM-TA Vehicle Radiation Monitor with car.PPVM Radiation Vehicle Monitoring