Apollo Blue Room Lasers

Advanced System for Patient Alignment

apollo blue laser by Lap

The Lap Apollo Blue lasers deliver the highest precision, accuracy and reproducibility: with their long lines and 6 degrees of remote controlled freedom they are ideally suited for today’s advanced treatments. Precise, accurate and reproducible patient positioning is critical to the success of radiation therapy treatments. Combined with on board imaging systems, the patient positioning lasers provide an interface between the patient and the treatment delivery system. Room lasers are necessary tools for aligning the patient, daily reference isocenter adjustments, and assuring optimized isocenter accuracy for your linear accelerator.

Our Blue Vision laser features:

The human retina contains approximatively 120 millions rods and only 6 millions cone receptors, which, when stimulated by light, send signals to the brain. These signals are subsequently interpreted as vision. Rods and cones are not equally sensitive to visible wavelengths of light. The rods are more sensitive to blue light and are not sensitive to wavelengths greater than 640 nm, the red fraction of the visible spectrum. If the human eye is exposed to less light than normal, the reception changes from photopic to scotopic sight. This increases the sensitivity of the human eye to blue light by a factor of 10 or more; sensitivity for green increases only by a factor of 2 or less and for red it is reduced to less of even more.

Model Apollo Blue
Shape of beam Crosshair, line
Laser Type Diode
Wavelength 450 nm
Beam colour blue
Output power < 1 mW
Laser class 2
Line width (FWHM) < 0.5 mm up to 4 m distance
Line length 3 m in 3 m distance
Adjustment Remote control
Adjustment accuracy at isocentre +/- 0.5 mm
Internal voltage 5 VDC
Power supply 110 VAC
Power consumption 1 W
Dimensions 221 mm x 110 mm x 100 mm (HxWxD)
Weight 2.6 kg

Lap roomlasers are equipped with extremely stable highly polished and extra flattened plane glass windows. They have a very low and constant dispersion to assure a fine laser line. The glass is anti-reflective to avoid interference from the beam. Apollo blue avoids the pitfalls of two separate lines forming a cross by using one singular element: a prism, manufactured to split one beam into two perpendicular lines. As the beam forming takes place before the prism and its surface antireflection coating is selcted for the laser’s wavelength, focussing of the crosshair has virtually no influence on rectangularity or brightness distribution – a real superprism. Lap UltraLine® is the result of the advanced mechanical systems and the unique opto-electronics used to generate and align laser lines for medical applications.


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