• Highly Sensitive Large Area Plastic Scintillation Detectors
  • Microprocessor Based Electronics
  • Audible and Visual Alarm Indicators

Part Number - 48-3470










1 ea. Model 375 Electronics
2 ea. 480 in³ (7866 cm³) Plastic Detectors with 200'(61m) cables
1 ea. 10 µCi Check Source


5" (12.7 cm) diameter red alarm strobe w/ 50'(15m) cable
40 Column Date/Time Printer>
Ethernet Kit


Date/Time Printer;Red Alarm Strobe


INDICATED USE: Area Monitoring
DETECTOR: 2 ea. 480 in³ plastic scintillation detectors with 1/8 lead shielding in weathertight ;housings.
DETECTORS: 2 ea. 480 cubic inch shielded plastic scintillation detectors
DISPLAY: 4 digit LED display with 0.8 (2 cm) digits
RANGE: 0.1 - 9999 kcps
LINEARITY: Reading within ± 10% of true value with detector connected
RESPONSE:Typically 3 seconds from 10% - 90% of final reading
STATUS: (green light) instrument functioning properly
SIGMA ALARM: Indicated by red ALARM light and audible tone(can be set at any point from 0.0 - 9999 kcps)
SUM ALARM: Indicated by red ALARM light and audible tone (can be set at set at any point from0.0 - 9999 kcps)
NOTE: Audible alarm indicators can be configured as a single beep if desired
DET FAIL: (red light and audible tone; greater than 68 dB at 2 feet) indicates detector overload, no count from detector, or instrument failure
LOW BAT: (yellow) indicates less than 2 hours of battery power remaining
OVERLOAD: Senses detector saturation (indicated by display reading "-OL-")
OVERRANGE: Indicates radiation field being measured has exceeded counting range of instrument(indicated by display reading "____")
RELAY OUTPUT: Mains (120 or 280 VAC) output on alarm
DATA OUTPUT: 9 pin connector providing RS-232 output, signal ground connection, FAIL and ALARM signals (current sink), and direct connection to battery and ground
CALIBRATION CONTROLS: Accessible from front of instrument (protective cover provided)
POWER: 95 - 135 VAC (178 - 240 VAC available), 50-60 Hz single phase (less than 100mA),
6 volt sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery (built in)
BATTERY LIFE: Typically 48 hours in non-alarm condition; 12 hours in alarm condition
BATTERY CHARGER: Battery is continuously trickle charged when instrument is connected to linepower and turned on
CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum housing with ivory powder coat paint
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -20°F(-29°C) to 140°F(60°C)
10.3" (26.2 cm)H X 9.7" (24.6 cm)W X 3.3" (8.4 cm)D
72"(183 cm)H X 8"(20.3cm)Diameter
9.3 lbs (4.2 kg)
;(Detectors) 65 lbs(29.5 kg)



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