Drone RAD Series

Mobile Radiation Detection

Drone RadDrone Rad in flight

In Flight & In Vehicle

Models available:

Model DroneRAD-ST (Search Tool or Mapping - Gamma)
Model DroneRAD-P (Air Monitor for Particulate & Airborne Chemicals – Alpha, Beta, Gamma)

The DroneRAD-ST measures Gamma and X-Ray radiation and optional neutron levels. Optional downward looking Gamma and Fast Neutron spotters are available for building and facility air surveillance. The DroneRAD-P measures radiation levels of Alpha, Beta, Gamma for airborne gases and particulates.

All-weather NEO Octocopter or the ZOE Quadcopter are availabe.

An example of our drone in use by the State of North Carolina:


  • Gamma Detection
  • Sensitive at – 1 μR/HR Resolution
  • Isotope Recognition
  • Optional: Gamma Telescope for locating a source

Approximate Volume: 144 cu. inches
Approximate Weight:
Gamma spec: <5 lbs – DroneRAD-ST
Alpha/Beta/Gamma spec: <6 lbs – DroneRAD-P
Approximate Dimensions: 4” High x 10” Long x 2” Wide - DroneRAD-ST & DroneRAD-P
COMMUNICATION: Integrates into Existing Formats.
Rechargeable Batteries Included.


  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma, C-14 Detection
  • Sensitivity 1 x 10-10 TO 1 X 10-5 μCi/cc (OR Ci/m3)
  • Quick Change Filter
  • Multiple Specialized Filter Media Acceptable
  • Multiple Specialized Filter Media Acceptable
  • Sniffer Hose 3 Feet or User specified
  • USB or Optional Ethernet Interface

Air Flow Pump: Miniature 1-3 Liter/min Pump and Filter holder.
Range: 1 x 10-10 to 1 x 10-5 μ Ci/cc (or Ci/m3) (Depends on count time)
Air Flow Meter: Displays flow rate 0.5 – 3.0 LPM.
Filters: Includes package of 100 glass Fiber and 10 charcoal filter papers. (Can also use membrane filters.)
Sniffer Hose: Up to 3 Feet
Case: Air Pump & Detector housed in polished blue aluminum.
Weight & Dimensions:
Pump & Detector Assembly: 1.75” Diameter x 8.5” Long

WB Johnson, Automess, SE International, Spectech, Tech Associates

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