Model FM-9-AB2 Air Monitor

For Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Radiaton Monitoring

FM9-AB2 Air Monitor for radiation by Technical Associates

The FM-9-AB2 Air Monitors measures airborne radioactivity contamination by means of continuous monitoring with alarm and record capability. Data is archived and retrieved via USB or Ethernet ports. This is a complete system but may be expanded with multiple modules of the FM-9 series.The FM-9-AB2 may be used to monitor stack effluent down to EPA levels as well as hoods, glove box or workplace air.

The FM-9-AB2 utilizes a standard quick-change filter. The filter is under constant surveillance using an Alpha scintillator and a Beta pancake GM tube. Air is drawn by a regulated pump through a three-foot inlet hoses. The air is exhausted by means of a flow meter through another three-foot hose. These hoses may be extended to allow monitoring of hoods, glove boxes, stacks, etc. Time is recorded by a computer wired into the pump circuit. The unit is completely self-contained and portable, complete with box of 100 filters.



Alpha Sensitivity: 1KBq/m3 Alpha (3 x 10-8 Ci/m3 ) = (3 x 10-8 μCi/cc) is easily measured in one hour at 70 lpm flow rate.
Beta Sensitivity: Limit of sensitivity (as Cs-137 at 70 liters/minute air flow rate) is 4 x 10-13 μCi/cc integrated over an 8 hour period, or 8 x 10-14 μCi/cc for a 40 hour period.
Note: This corresponds to 2 x 10-10 μCi/ml minute exposure equal to 0.6% of the California Safety Code Title 17 and USNRC Title 10 limit for 40 hour weekly exposure to most hazardous Beta and/or Gamma emitter in absence of Ac 227.

Alpha Detector: 2” dia. probe, thin Zn(S) Alpha scintillation phosphor, Model PAS-8.
Beta Detector: 2” dia. T-1190 GM pancake detector with Beta window to eliminate Alpha cross talk, or with 2mg/cm window to allow C14 and S35 detection.

Electronic Modules:
MV-5.12.24: Power Supply
MAC-9: Air Control Timer; Low Flow Alarm Flowmeter
FM-9: On Board computer with color monitor
MμP: Imbedded processor

Beta Range: 1 x 10-13 to 1 x 10-7 μCi/cc or (Ci/m3).
Alpha Range: 1cpm to 100,000cpm, 3 x 10 to 3 x 10 Ci on filter.
Alarm: Settable. 2000 Hz beeper and red flasher.
Response Time: Settable 1 second to 40 hours.
Readout: 7” Color LCD monitor built-in for digital and graphic user data display.
Flow Rate: Regulated. Normally set at 70 liters/min.
Mass Flow Meter: Real-Time air flow rate data feeds directly into data analyzer software and
embedded processor for highest concentration accuracy.
Power: 115V, 50-60 Hz (Optional 230 V).
Shielding: 1'' lead about sample and detector.
Pump: Noise Free Pump. 115V 60Hz 2A. (Optional 230 V 50-60 Hz)
Filters: Includes box of 100 glass fiber filters – 2” or 55mm.
Can also use membrane, paper or glass fiber filters.
Case: Electronics housed in enameled aluminum case; carrying handles optional.

Weight and Dimensions:
Dimensions: Excluding pump and detector assembly: 20''W x 13''H x 18'' D.
Detector assembly 5''W x 10''H x 6'' D.
Pump assembly 8''W x 8''H x 14''D.
Shipping Weight: 84lbs.