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Compatible with Geiger Mueller, NaI Scintillation, and Neutron probes

Pug-7 Radiation Survey Meter by Technical AssociatesFeatures:

This lightweight radiation survey meter, with external probe, will function well in most alpha, beta, neutron, X-ray or gamma monitoring programs. It is designed for detection, measurement and control of radiation contamination. This universal instrument is compatible with with several G-M and Scintillation detectors. The most common choice is the P-15 pancake G-M detector, for general purpose survey. Several probe options are available though.

The PUG-7 utilizes continuously adjustable regulated high voltage supply 1500V (2,500 volts on PUG-7A) to operate GM, scintillation gas proportional, BF3, or He3 detector delivering a one millivolt + pulse. An adjustable discriminator allows full control over system sensitivity. The pulse input is zener diode protected so that probes may be interchanged without shutting off instrument. The high voltage system provides sufficient output to operate Geiger Mueller tubes up to 3 inch diameter without a loss of efficiency as well as PM tubes with voltage dividers of over 100 mega-ohms total resistance. The meter face on the PUG-7 instrument reads out in CPM or optionally in Sieverts or CPS. Additionally, it is provided with a means for mR/hr cards matched to any compatible external probe. These cards are transparent and adhere to the meter face, thus contamination and radiation levels may be read simultaneously with a variety of probes.

The shell of the instrument is smoothly finished, attractive baked enamel over an aluminum case. The cover is machined, black anodized aluminum with white highly visible markings. The meter with a 3.5 inch scale length presents four ranges: 0-500; 5,000; 50,000; 500,000 counts per minute, with battery check marking.


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Common Probe Choices for the Pug-7:

P-15 pancake G-M detectorP-15 Alpha, Beta, Gamma Pancake G-M Probe (Geiger-Mueller) - for fast survey of laboratory bench and equipment surfaces and for frisking personnel. The P-15 uses a 1-3/4'' mica window diameter, 1.5 mg/cm2 pancake tube. Background is normally 50 to 60 counts per minute. Extremely sensitive to alphas and betas with sufficient energy to penetrate window (Betas > 50 KeV). Window is protected by a 79% open, grill to prevent puncture or other damage while presenting minimum absorption to incoming radiation. Detects 5 KeV X-Rays and above.

P-13A G-M beta gamma detector with beta windowP-13A Pop-Up G-M Detector with Beta Window - Side-viewing, energy compensated G-M Probe, with a 30 mg/cm2 wall. Features Beta window and sliding beta shield. Energy response is ±40 KeV to 1.25 MeV ±20%. Housed in high impact plastic, which is splashproof and rugged. Dimensions, 1-3/8'' dia. x 6'' long.


P-6-LB small pancake g-m detector by technical associatesP-6-LB End Window G-M Detector - Low Background Probe; end window detects alpha, beta and gamma radiation. It offers low background without loss of alpha or beta sensitivity. The 2 cm dia. x 1.5 mg/cm mica window is protected by a removable, cleanable grill. Primary use of P6- LB is for locating surface contamination. Dimensions: 30 mm dia. x 110 mm long excluding cord. Operational Voltage: 500 Volts. Detects: 5 KeV X-Rays and above.

P-28 Extender probe, pancake g-mP-28 Extended Pancake G-M detector - The "Long Arm'' Probe consists of 1-3/4'' net diameter pancake tubemounted at the end of a 40'' wand. For rapid checking of laboratory bench and equipment surfaces, floors and walls. Sensitive to soft betas, from C14, and to alphas. The 1.5 - 2 mg/cm2 window is protected by an easy to decontaminate grill. Wand is balanced and weighs only 23 ounces. The angle of the detector can be adjusted, then locked in place


PAS 8 Alpha scintillation probePAS-8 Alpha Scintillator - Probe features a 1-3/4'' diameter x 0.8 mg/cm2 window. For use wherever a high efficiency, low background alpha detector is needed.




pas 9 alpha scintillation probe by technical associates

PAS-9 100 cm2 Alpha Scintillator - Probe features a 4-1/2'' diameter x 0.8 mg/cm2 window. The 100 cm2 face of this probe allows rapid surveys to be made of personnel, equipment or flat surfaces. Background is in the order of several counts per hour. Sensitivity is 10 to 20% for 5 MeV alphas based on 4Pi geometry (20 to 40% based on 2Pi geometry). The protective grid is physically separated from the window thus making contamination of the window extremely unlikely. Grid may be removed for cleaning without disturbing the window.


pns-19 probe for neutron radiation detectionPNS-19 Fast Neutron Scintillation Probe - insensitive to gamma radiation in fields below 100 R/hr. The n-p reaction is used to measure energy deposited by neutrons. A shaped light pipe and moderator about the ZnS.Ag phosphor gives a consistent Rem to count ratio for incident neutrons 1/4 MeV and above, within ± 30% .

PNS-20 Slow Neutron Scintillation Probe Thermal neutrons are detected by means of the boron n-alpha reaction. Probe delivers approximately 60 cpm per neutron/cm2/second and requires a 900 volt supply. The probe is 8'' long x 2'' in diameter. It is completely insensitive to gammas in fields below 10R/hr. To measure fast neutrons, use the PNS-19 probe.

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