"The Charger" for Pen Dosimeters

The Charger for Pen dosimeters

The patented, handheld Charger can charge a variety of direct-reading dosimeters by simply squeezing the lever of a generator. The Charger requires no batteries. By pulling a trigger, a dosimeter is easily placed in or removed from the charger. The clamping action holds the dosimeter for you.

The Charger Specifications:

15,000 volt piezoelectric generator.
Discharge Bulb
Flashes to indicate the instrument is operational.
Clamping Mechanism
Adjustable and self locking. Spring loaded - applies 10 lbs. of
pressure. All metal parts are stainless steel.
Temperature Range
Operating: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F).
Humidity Range
0 to 90% Relative Humidity.
245 g (8.6 oz.).
152.4 x 107.9 (at its widest point) x 22.2 mm (6 x 4.2 x .87 inches
1 year limited warranty.

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