OTC Radon Monitor

For Radon-222 and Radon-220

Overhoff Radon Monitor

The OTC Radon Monitor is intended to measure radon-222 and radon-220 over a wide range of concentrations. Gamma rejection is inherent in the pulsed ionization chamber design. This radon monitor is useful for confirming radon background levels or demonstrate compliance with regulations and to those individuals involved in radon
mitigation efforts.

The radon monitor can log 40,000 data points to accurately establish the daily variation in radon concentrations. The monitor’s internal rechargeable battery can operate the monitor for 24 hours. By utilizing the AC/DC adapter, the monitoring time can be extended indefinitely. Variations in radon concentrations due to the environmental effects of changes in barometric pressure and rainfall can easily be logged. The radon monitor is useful as a real-time radon monitor for those individuals involved in radon mitigation. Real-time indication gives an immediate indication of any mitigation efforts. Mitigation of radon concentrations can be as simple as a change in ventilation flow or a more complex effort such as installing a vapor barrier.


Isotopes Detected: Radon-220 and Radon–222 Alpha
Detector: Pulsed Ionization Chamber
Electronics: Microprocessor-Controlled, Non-Volatile Memory
Housing: Weatherproof Rugged Design
Dynamic Range: 0.1 to 2000 pCi/l,
Units: picoCuries Per Liter of Air
Sensitivity: 0.6 CPM per pCi/l
Linearity: 1 To 2000 pCi/l (less than 10% deviation)
Operating Mode: Air Circulation Via Pump
Data Storage: 40000 Points
Display: Optrex Monochrome Graphic Display

-On/Off Switch: Alarm Preset Points, Manual
-Three Momentary Push Buttons: Pump On/Off, Back Light

External Output: RS232 (Standard) and LAN (Optional)
Power Supply: 100-240VAC / 7.5VDC Adapter or 3.6V / 10Ah Rechargeable Battery 24 Hr. Operating Capacity (Standard)
Dimensions: (excluding handles) 11.25’’ Long x 7’’ Wide x 7.5’’ High