AM-806 Radiation Area/ Trash Monitor

Features Touch Screen and Plastic Scintillation


AM-806 Laundry and Trash Monitor for Radioactive Waste by WB Johnson

The Model AM-806 is a reinforced, industrial grade monitor that can be utilized to detect radioactive material. The system includes two large area plastic scintillators totaling 360 cubic inches, which detect gamma emitting isotopes passing through doorways and other passage ways. The AM-806 is durable and easy to operate. It requires minimal training. Installation of the AM-806 can be permanent or temporary.

The AM-806 utilizes the latest field proven, microprocessor circuitry with large area plastic scintillators. It accurately
and rapidly measures gamma radiation from 60 keV to 2 MeV. The basic system features two 40” long plastic scintillators that have a total volume of 360 cubic inches. Larger detectors are available. Each scintillator has a low energy window made of 1/32” aluminum. This permits the AM-806 to measure gamma radiation from 60 keV. The scintillators are contained in a durable aluminum housing that can be quickly disassembled. The readout and data entry are accessed through a large area color monitor that utilizes a touch sensitive screen for all data input. The AM-806 features alarm contacts, RS-232 port (easily converted to USB), Ethernet port, and optional printer.

AM-806 Waste Monitor Display

AM-806 Waste Monitor Manual


Detector Configurations and Features

AM-806 Radiation Waste / Trash Monitor Specifications:

Display: Full Color VGA, touch sensitive screen, full color graphics. Screen indicates normal operation , errors, and alarms. All operating parameters: detector CPS, CPM, high voltage, and set points are visible to user.

Operating Modes and Data Entry: Walk through or timed count, system constantly measures background and automatically subtracts from each measurement, touch sensitive screen is available for all data entry

Sensitivity: less than 2 uCi Cs-137 source during walk through , spaced at 6 feet apart or less

Processing Rate: Approximately 500 persons per hour

Detectors: Two Plastic Scintillation detectors, 36” L X 3” W X 1.5” D,  with PMT Detector,  160 cubic inches

Operating Modes and Data Entry:  Walk-through, drive-through or timed count, area monitor. System Constantly measures background and automatically subtracts from each measurement.

Audible Commands and Alarms:  System is pre-programmed with appropriate commands to coincide with operations (i.e. Wait, System not Ready, Ready, Too Fast, See Operator). Commands can be configured.

Person and/or Vehicle Sensor and Counter: Optical sensors automatically sense person or vehicle from entering counting area. Counter automatically counts number of persons or vehicles per day, shift, etc and saves count and time/date of vehicles exceeding alarm set points.

Range: 0-100,000 CPS

Printer/ PC Output: RS-232, 9 PIN Connector

Relay Output:  Optional dry contact can be configured to operate within alarm set points.  Display graphics indicate alarm by changing color of parameter that is alarming. 

Range Adjustment: Auto-ranging system automatically and continuously measures background until vehicle sensor starts analyzer program.

Response Time: 100 milliseconds

High Voltage: 300 vdc - 1500 vdc ±1% Regulation

Environmental: -4°F (-20° C)  140°F (60° C),  5-95% RH

Power: 120 –250 VAC and backup of "D" size alkaline batteries, 8 hours nominal operation

Weight: Waste Monitor weighs 40 lbs

Construction: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Models available:

AM-806-2-180 Door/Gate Monitor with 2- 180 in3 Detectors
AM-806-2-300 Door/Gate Monitor with 2- 300 in3 Detectors
AM-806-2-400 Door/Gate Monitor with 2- 400 in3 Detectors
AM-806-2-500 Door/Gate Monitor with 2- 500 in3 Detectors
AM-806-4-300 Door/Gate Monitor with 4- 340 in3 Detectors