AP4C Chemical Detector

Chemical Warfare (CW) Agent Detector for Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs) and Toxic Industrial Compounds (TICs)

AP4C Chemical Detector by Proengin

Part # M 910 E00 003

This hand-held, portable monitoring and detection unit is used by military, civil defense, and environmental agencies. The AP4C is a portable chemical contamination control device used to detect: All Nerve Agents, Blood Agents, Blister Agents and many TIC’s and TIM’s.

The AP4C is a flame spectrophotometer for gas detection.

A continuous stream of air is burned in a combustion chamber (called a burner), which has a constant supply of hydrogen. The resultant spectra are passed through a diffraction grating and then projected on to a strip array. The resultant signals are processed to distinguished individual elements contained in the sample.

Use Specifications

The AP4C is particularly suitable for Military use in rough conditions

Unique Features

System Components

QTY 2 Hydrogen storage devices
QTY 2 AP4C batteries
QTY 1 Spare sampling nozzle
QTY 1 S4PE: Persistent substances sampling system
S4PE batteries
QTY 1 Box of 10 sampling scrapers
QTY 1 S4PE sampling tube for AP4C/TIMs
QTY 1 Box of 10 test scrapers
QTY 1 Buzzerv QTY 1 Technical guide
The equipment is packaged in a fitted black transport case.

Characteristics of Kit:

Intrinsically safe unit for use in explosive atmospheres
Case Size: (LxWxH): 18.1” x 14.1” x 6.69 “
Weight of the full case: 13.2 lbs.
Storage Temperatures: -38.2 F to 160 F
Rain Proof - Shock proof withstands drop of 3 ft.

Characteristics of Detector Unit

H2 storage device 12 Hours
Start up: 2.5 Min 32 to 95 F
5 Min > 95 F
15 Min < 32 F
Altitude 10,000 Ft
High Temperature Stored: 160 F
Operating: 122 F
Low Temperature Stored” – 39 F
Operating – 25 F
Dimensions 15.5 in x 3.4 in x 5.4 in
Weight 4.6 lbs with storage device

Network options may be purchased in kit form under M910 E00 003 with consumables and liquic sampling equipment (S4PE)

Detection Capablities

Nerve Agents GA, GB, GD, GF, GE, VS, VE, VG, VS
Blister Agents HD, HL, HN.L.PD,  ED,  MD
Blood Agents SA, AC
Vomiting Agents DA, DM, DC
Flammable Hydrocarbons Propane, Acetylene, Ethylene, Methane
TICS & TIMS Ammonia, Parathion, Nitroglycerin, Dimethylamine
Precursors Pinacolyl, Alcohol, Methylamine, Triethyl phosphate