Model TBM-IC-LR Ion Chamber - Wide Range

Measures all Gamma / X-ray, Including Low Energy

The TBM-IC-LR Ion Chamber is a fast response, sensitive portable radiation detector for all gammas including low energy. This Ion Chamber features stable, mostly drift-free electrometer technology.


Detector: Free Air ion chamber 5'' dia x 7.5'' long. Internal volume 2 liters.
Wall & Cap: Methacrylate, graphite lined 430 mg/cm2 walls and 540 mg/cm2 cap.
Window: 4'' dia. x 0.5 mg/cm2 Mylar.
Readout: LCD 8 digits.
Indicator Light: Green LED 100 pulses/sec per mR/h. Red Over-range Indicator.
Range: Rate 8 digit 0.01 mR/h to 1 R/h in a single range, integrate 8 digits 0.05 μR – 100,000 μ R in a single range.
Electrometer: Solid State MOSFET input.
Electronics: A-D converter LCD drivers.
Batteries: 20 ea. (Button) NEDA CR-1220 - shelf life 7 years, 6 ea. (AA) NEDA 15A - 1000hr.
Dimensions: 14'' L x 9” H x 5.8'' W including handle.
Weight: 2.2 kg. complete with batteries.
Option: Readout in Si units: μSv and μSv/h.

Energy Response Curve

TBM-IC-LR Energy Response Curvey in keV

Angular Energy Response Curve


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