Model HT HEPA Filter Containment Vacuum
Single or Dual HEPA Filter
Class 100 Cleanroom HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner (dry vac)
Our HEPA filter Containment Cartridge Vacuum has a unique filtration system.  It offers the option of a paper bag collection system or our HEPA Containment Cartridge which empties under negative pressure and eliminates exposure to the collected material. The HEPA Containment Cartridge will hold up to four pounds of floor dust. Because the filter is placed after the motor which catches the fine carbon brush dust generated by the motor.

The Model HT Series HEPA Vacuum includes a 12 foot hose and swivel joint which allows for a 24 foot cleaning diameter. Both HEPA vacuums are for DRY USE ONLY. The dual HEPA vac is recommended for clean rooms and other sterile environments.

Model HT Series HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Specifications:

80 cfm, waterlift: 90 inches, noise level 61 dba at 3 ft, motor: 7.7 amps, 17,360 rpm, height: 43 inches, foot print: 15"x19", weight 18.25 lbs.

Options / Pricing:
Model HT-S Single HEPA Filter Vacuum - Paper Bag Collection System
Paper bags / 10 pack
Model HT-D Dual HEPA Vacuum - HEPA Containment Cartridge System
Replacement HEPA containment Cartridge


Three-Step Disposal Procedure for Double Filter HEPA System

With the Capplug ready and the vacuum still running, remove the vacuum top.

Insert the Capplug into the CONTAINMENT HEPA FILTER opening.  Shut off the motor Remove the CONTAINMENT HEPA FILTER, and store or dispose of.


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