Teletector 6112AD Radiation Detector

Ratemeter and Telescoping Probe

Automess Teletector 6112AD radiation detector with telescoping probe

The Automess Teletector 6112AD is a new survey meter which combines the 6150AD ratemeter series and 6150AD-t telescoping probe into one device. Two Geiger-Mueller counting tubes serve as detectors yielding a wide dose rate range up to 10 Sv/h (1000 R/h). The counting tube probe is mounted at the end of a stainless steel telescope which can be continuously extended up to approximately four meters. This allows measurements at large safety distances and at places difficult-to-reach. The instrument features automatic range selection and automatic counting tube selection. The operation is similar to the 6150AD but the Teletector is now operated with only two controls. The “light” function key has been replaced by a light sensor. This light sensor automatically controls the white LED back light of the LCD depending on the lighting conditions. This function enhances readability in darkness as well as in direct sunlight, without user interface. The Automess Teletector 6112AD offers the following technical features:

Teletector 6112-AD dual probe, telescoping radiation survey meter

Teletector 6112AD

Low range detector: Gamma tube LND7121, energy compensated, effective length 40 mm, sensitivity at Cs-137 approx. 5800 pulses per μSv
High range detector: Gamma tube LND716, energy compensated, effective length 7 mm, sensitivity at Cs-137 approx. 100 pulses per μSv
Switching between detectors: Automatically with hysteresis:
> 10 mSv/h (1 R/h): up
< 3 mSv/h (0.3 R/h): down
Manual selection of either detector for radiological check.
Measuring quantities: Model 6112AD-Sv: H*(10) (unit Sv)
Model 6112AD-R: JS (unit R)
Measuring range according to time constant: »slow«: from 1 μSv/h (100 μR/h) »fast«: from 5 μSv/h (0.5 mR/h) in each case up to 9.9 Sv/h (990 R/h)
Energy range Angular range Max. deviation: 65 keV to 1.3 MeV
±45° around preferential direction 0°
+50%/–25% (permitted: +67%/–29%) referred to Cs-137 in 0° direction
Temperature Humidity Maximum deviation: –20°C to +60°C 0 to 95% relative humidity, +15% / –10% (permitted: +18% / –13%) referred to +20°C and 65%
Ambient pressure: 60 to 130 kPa (600 to 1300 mbar)
Speaker: Pleasant melodies to guide the user and aggressive warning tone of ~2.1 kHz, > 85 dBA at a 30 cm distance
Power supply: 4.0 to 7.0 V
Four C cells (LR14, AM2)
Battery life with alkaline batteries: Sleep mode: >15 years Measuring mode: depending on conditions 500 to 20,000 hours
Protection class: IP 67 according to DIN 40050 if telescope completely retracted and protective cap applied
Dimensions: Length 970 mm / 4170 mm (telescope retracted / extended)
Width 130mm
Height ~90 mm max
Weight: 2.7 (3.0) kg without (with) batteries
Energy Response:

6112AD Teletector Energy Response curve