TBM IC Mark V Ion Chamber

for Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-rayTBM-ICMark V Image

The flat response TBM-IC-MV is a fast, sensitive ion chamber survey meter which detects alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation. This ion chamber survey meter is smaller and lighter than previous models. The system is based on stable, and essentially drift-free electrometer technology. The survey meter consists of a 2.5 inch diameter x 3.5 inch length air ion chamber coupled to a stable solid state Mosfet input electrometer. The internal A to D converter displays directly in mR/h or mR. Rate range is 0.1 mR/h to 9.999 R/h in a single range. Dose range is 0.01mR - 99.9R in a single range. 180 mg/cm2 graphite lined methacrylate walls yield accurate air equivalence. The thin (0.5 mg/cm2) Mylar window allows high sensitivity readings for alpha and for low energy beta such as C14. The ion chamber is sensitive to higher energy betas, gammas and X-rays as well.

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