Model GSM-500-MR MicroR Meter

with External Tissue Equivalent Scintillation Probe

GSM-500 MicroR MeterMRSP-1 probe by wb johnson

The GSM-500-MR MicroR Meter is the external version of the our GSM-501 MicroR Meter. The external plastic scintillation probe is tissue equivalent and measures at the micro R level. The plastic scintillation detector absorbs dose at comparable rate to that of human tissue. Other noteworthy features include auto-ranging, integration, and peak hold. Both gamma and higher energy beta radiation are detectable.  Standard items provided with each system include survey meter, probe, cable, batteries, operations and maintenance manual, and calibration certificate. The GSM-500-MR Micro R Survey Meter is recommended for nuclear power plant, health physics, and medical applications, or whenever dose measurement at the micro R level is required. This micro R survey meter is ideal for NORM measurement. Other applications include oil refineries and scrap metal facilities. Oil refineries often prefer the external probe for measuring inside of pipes and other hard-to-reach areas. W.B. Johnson Nuclear GSM-500-MR MicroR Meter with External Probe

Model GSM-500-MR MicroR Meter with External Probe


Instrumentation: GSM-500 Survey Meter & MRSP-1 Plastic Scintillation 1"x1"  Tissue Equivalent Probe
Ranges: 0-5, 0-50,0 - 500 & 0-5,000 MicroR/hr and 0-500, 0-5000, 0-50,000 & 0-500,000 cpm, Separate controls for each range
Panel Controls: Off - Measure, Integrate and Peak Hold, CPM or Dose, speaker, Meter instant zero
Panel Meter: High torque 3.5 inches with LED indicators for probe saturation, HV out of range and low battery
Calibration: CPM and Dose (Based on C-137 calibration) - CPM dead time compensated, dose linearized
High Voltage: 300 - 1300 vdc ±1% Stability
Audio Output: High efficiency piezo electric , water and solvent resistant
Power Supply: six AA Alkaline Batteries, 400 hours nominal
Finish: Blue Polyurethane enamel
Weight: Survey Meter: 2-¼ Pounds (1 kg) - Probe: 8 ounces (.43 kg)
Dimensions: Survey meter: 5-½" (14 cm) H X 4" (10 cm) W X 7" (18 cm) L , Probe: 1-7/8" (2.5 cm) X 6"(2.4 cm)
Environmental: stable from -30°C - 60°C , 5% - 95% RH Non-Condensing
Measurement: Cs-137 and most gamma contamination and dose, measures gamma dose to 5,000 MicroR/hr (Based on Cs-137 calibration), detects some betas
Construction: Heavy-duty cast aluminum, stainless steel, polyurethane, and PVC coated aluminum probe housing

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