GSM-506 Survey Meter

with Internal Energy Compensated G-M probe, ideal for Nuclear Medicine

Older stock, on sale. Similar to the Ludlum 14C, but half the cost, and auto-ranging.

GSM-506 blue version


The GSM-506 is four range microprocessor survey meter that utilizes an external probe and internal energy compensated G-M probe for an added high range. The internal G-M detector is active on all four ranges, with a range of 0-2 R/hr. The meter can be calibrated for up to two external probes. Standard features include auto-ranging, integration, peak hold, instant zero, and linearization of dose response from gamma probes. The option of CPM or dose is selectable from a front panel switch. The GSM-506 Survey Meter meets nuclear medicine requirements. Several probe configurations are available. The most common probe configuration for nuclear medicine inlcludes the GSM-506 survey meter with the HP-265 pancake G-M probe. Current stock is older stock from the blue series. For the latest version, try our DSM-506 digital radiation detector with internal probe.

GSM-506 Radiation Detector Auto-Ranging, analog display, microprocessor circuitry, internal probe for high range, requires external probe...............$420

The GSM-506 includes and internal probe, but an external probe is needed to fully function.

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Chose One Probe:

GP-200 End Window G-M detector (blue, old stock)..................$120

HP-265 Pancake G-M detector (blue, old stock)..............$120

GP-1010 GM detector with Beta slide window (old stock).........$120


GSM-506 Internal/External Probe Microprocessor Survey Meter Specifications:

Input Sensitivity: 0.050 v-p-p
External CPM/Dose Switch: External switch selects CPM Mode or Dose Linearized Mode for the active probe.
Internal Ranges, Auto-ranging: (four ranges) 0 - 0.2, 0-20, 0-200, and 0-2000 mR/hr
External Ranges, Auto-ranging:

Diagnostics: HV out or range, low battery, probe saturation
Range Adjustment: Auto-Ranging
Electrical Linearity: ± 5% of Full Scale
Response Time: Optimized each range
Drift: less than 5%
Environmental: stable from -20°F (-28° C) to 140°F (60° C)
High Voltage Adjustable: - 300 - 1300 VDC- Regulation ± 1%
Low Voltage: +5 VDC & -5 VDC Regulation ± 0.5 %
Battery: 6 "AA" ALKALINE , 400 Hours Nominal
Audio: Water and Solvent Resistant — ON/OFF Front panel switch.
Meter: High torque 3.5" with LED indicators in face for each range, probe saturation, HV out of range, and low battery.
Ciruitry: 100% Digital Microprocessor controlled
Dimensions: 5 1/2” (14 cm) H X 4” (10 cm) W X 7” (18 cm) L
Weight: 2½POUNDS ( 1.2 kg) with batteries
Construction: Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Probes: Internal energy compensated G-M probe, 0—2000 mR/hr — 550 vdc
External Probe Compatibility: GP-200 End Window probe, HP-265 Pancake G-M Probe, GSP-1 NaI Scintillation Probe 1"x1", ASP-2A Alpha Scintillation probe, MRSP-1 Plastic Scintillation probe, GP-1001 Energy compensated Cylindrical G-M probe, and others.

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