2000W High Range Telescoping Survey Meter

with Dual Energy Compensated G-M Detectors

For High Range Gamma and Beta Radiation Detection

Model 2000W Telescoping Survey Meter by W.B. Johnson

This unique telescoping system includes two internal energy compensated G-M probes. This versatile instrument is ideal for the measurement of high range gamma and beta dose fields from distances up to 12 feet. The 2000W "Extender” has been used on numerous occasions by military and power plant facilities. Border patrol and police use this survey meter for vehicle checks at security check points.

· Dual detectors provide wide range monitoring
· Includes backlight for work in low light conditions
· Durable solid construction

Model 2000W Telescoping Survey Meter Specifications

Ranges: 0-1, 0-10, 0-100 mR/hr and 0-1, 0-10, 0-100 & 0-1,000 R/hr
Panel Controls: Off, battery check, special scale each range
Panel Meter: 2-¼" ruggedized with optimized rotating scale for each range
Energy Response: Low Range 65keV to 2MeV, High Range 83keV to 1.5MeV ±15%
Audio Output: High efficiency piezo electric-water & solvent proof
Power Supply: 2 "D" Alkaline
Finish: Epoxy enamel
Weight: 6½ lbs (3kg) including batteries
Dimensions: 36" (91cm) L collapsed; 142" (361cm) extended
Environmental: stable from -20°C (-4°F) tp 60°C (140°F), 5%-95% RH non condensing
High Voltage: 550 Volts-DC
Meter Light: Long life (25,000 hrs) incandescent with switch
Construction: Heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel
Telescope: Heavy duty 10 section stainless steel
Detector: Dual energy-compensated GM detectors, over 15,000 R/Hr saturation on high range
Carry Case: Heavy duty carry case included
Calibration: Individual adjustment each range, HV adjust and HV

Model 2000W Extender..........................

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