Ion Chamber Survey Meters

Pressurized and non-pressurized Ion Chambers

for detection of X-Ray, Gamma and Beta Radiation.

TBM-IC-X-Ray Ion Chamber
Model TBM-IC-AJI Wide Range Ion Chamber Detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma / X-ray. This Ion Chamber can detect X-ray pulse as low as 0.2 Micro R. The unit is non-pressurized and requires no HAZMAT shipping.
TBM-IC-X-Ray Ion Chamber
Model TBM-IC-LR Wide Range Ion Chamber The TBM-IC-LR Ion Chamber is a fast response, sensitive portable radiation detector for all gammas including low energy. Range includes 0.01 mR/hr to 1 R/hr. This chamber detects axially below 5 keV.
Fluke 451P
Model 451P Ion Chamber- Pressurized This ion chamber was designed to measure leakage and scatter around diagnostic X-ray and radiation therapy suites. It can measure Gamma and X-ray at the micro Roentgen level, for energies above 25 keV.
Fluke Model 451B
Model 451B  Ion Chamber with Beta Slide - non-pressurized This ion chamber measures beta, gamma and X-ray radiation. It detects Beta above 100 keV, and Gamma above 7 keV. The unit includes a sliding shield for alpha and beta discrimination.
TBM-IC-X-Ray Ion Chamber
TBM-IC-X-Ray Ion Chamber This compliance test ion chamber provides accurate compliance testing of a wide variety of X-Ray machines, televisons and computer monitors, luggage and personell x-ray scanners. Rate Range is 0.01 mR/h to 100.00 mR/h in one range. Dose range is 0.01 mR to 10 R.
Technical Associates Model TBM-IC-Mark V Ion Chamber
TBM-IC-Pulse-X New - for Nano Second pulsed X-ray radiation The TBM-IC-Pulse-X useful in non-destructive testing or other industrial or medical applications where pulsed x-rays in the nano-second range, are used.
Technical Associates Model TBM-IC-Mark V Ion Chamber
 TBM Mark V Ion chamber - non-pressurized The flat response TBM-IC-MV is a fast, sensitive ion chamber survey meter which detects alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation. The survey meter features a 2.5 inch diameter x 3.5 inch length air ion chamber coupled to a stable solid state Mosfet input electrometer. Rate range is 0.1 mR/h to 9.999 R/h in a single range. Dose range is 0.01mR - 99.9R in a single range.
Radon Detector Ion Chamber TBM-IC-RN Radon Monitor This hand-held radon meter detects 10 picoCi/l of radon in 5 seconds and detects public release level of radon in less than 10 minutes. The unit consists of an air ion chamber (2.9" D x 3.5" L) coupled to a stable solid state MOSFET input electrometer with built-in A to D converter to read out directly in nCi/liter. Range is 10 picoCi/l to 1 µCi/l.
Ion Chamber Area Monitor FIL-7DP Model FIL-7DP Wide Range Ion Chamber Area Monitor This unit is ideal for nuclear reactors, hot cells, irradiators and other facilities handling radioactive materials or X-rays.The detector is an air equivalent ion chamber. Standard systems use Model IC-2 (for gamma) or Model IC-1 (for beta-gamma). Both models have graphite lined phenolic walls and an active free air volume of 2 liters. Standard range is 0.1 - 10,000 mR/h.

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