TBM-IC-BW Data-Logging Ion Chamber

Data Logging and mircoR Capablility

The TBM-IC-BW data logging Ion Chamber features flat energy response with a range of 1 uR/hr to 10 R/hr. The TBM-IC-BW will detect alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray. It will detect gammas and X-ray as low as 1 keV.


The TBM-IC-BW consists of a 3'' dia x 3'' long air ion chamber coupled to a stable solid state MOSFET input electrometer with built in A to D converter to read out directly in mR/h or mR. Rate range is 0.1 mR/h to 9.999 R/h in a single range. Dose range is 0.01mR - 99.9R in a single range.

Data Logging Eliminates Transcription Errors, Improves Accuracy, Improves Efficiency
10,000 points upload to PC via sync cable or Blue Tooth, RS 232 optional RAD NET or Real-Time up load via Wi-Fi
Continuous data logging or Settable Interval or Press-to-Record.
Built in hp iPAQ pocket computer
180 mg/cm2 graphite lined methacrylate walls (for) accurate ``air equivalence.''
Thin (0.5 mg/cm2) Mylar window allows high sensitivity readings for alpha and for low energy beta such as C14 in addition to x-rays and higher energy Betas and Gammas.


Detector: Free Air ion chamber 3'' dia x 3'' long. Internal volume 300 cc
Wall & Cap: Methacrylate, graphite lined 180 mg/cm2 walls and 540 mg/cm2 cap.
Window: 2.4'' dia. x 0.5 mg/cm2 Mylar.
Readout: LCD 8 digits.
Indicator Lamp: Green LED 10 pulses/sec per mR/h
Red Over-range Indicator
Rate 8 digit 1 uR/h to 10.000 R/h in a single range.
Integrate 8 digits 0.01 mR to 100.0R in a single range.
Electrometer: Solid State MOSFET input.
Electronics: A-D converter LCD drivers.
15 ea. (Button) NEDA CR-1220 - shelf life 7 years.
Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery (4 amp hours) and built-in charger. 10 Hrs between charges.
Dimensions: 6-1/2'' x 3'' x 10'' including handle.
Weight: 28 oz. complete with batteries.

Options: Readout in Si units: Sv and Sv/h.
Ion Assist software for the Hewlett Packard iPAQ is included in Technical Associates’ TBM-IC-BW portable ion chamber.

This application allows an operator to access a Pocket PC such as the iPAQ. The program allows editing of parameters, viewing the event log and clock synchronization. Ion Assist supports all the standard Pocket PC data entry methods: Letter Recognizer, Keyboard and Block Recognizer, as well as Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize parameter and log files on return to the office. Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) micro within an Excel spreadsheet, a connection with a TBM-IC-BW can be established and data retrieved directly into the spreadsheet

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