NEW Ludlum Model 25 Personal Radiation Monitor - pager size


Part Number - 48-3584

Model 25-1 (mSv version) - Part Number - 48-3629  

INDICATED USE: Intended for radiation warning for emergency response professionals
DETECTOR: Internal energy-compensated GM
ENERGY RANGE: 60 keV to 2 MeV
DISPLAY: 3½ digit backlit LCD display with a total range from .01 mR/hr (or mR) to 1999
R/hr (or R), also displays time remaining from 19:59 to 00:01 (in hh:mm format).
(Model 25-1 displays .001 mSv/h to 19.99 Sv/h)
ALERT & ALARMS: Adjustable over entire display range
ALARM INDICATIONS: Distinct alerts and alarms for exposure and accumulated dose
AUDIO: Built in speaker (Typically 95 dB at 1 foot )
LOW BATTERY INDICATION: Provides 8 hours warning of low battery
LOSS OF COUNT: Detector failure results in a visual and audible warning
CALIBRATION: Requires no tools or software
POWER: 2 each lithium coin cell batteries
BATTERY LIFE: Typically 6000 hours
CONSTRUCTION: Injection-molded plastic housing with sub-surface printed membrane front panel, completely gasketed for water resistance
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40°F(-40°C) to 150°F(65°C)
SIZE: 3.0"(7.6 cm)H X 2.125"(5.4 cm)W X 0.687"(1.7 cm) thick
WEIGHT: 5.1 oz including batteries

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