The Model 44-142 is a beta
scintillator. With an active
area of 100 cm2 this detector
is good for surveys for beta contamination.



PART NUMBER: 47-3161

INDICATED USE: Beta contamination survey
SCINTILLATOR: 0.01” thick plastic scintillator
WINDOW: 1.2 mg/cm2 recommended for outdoor use
Active - 100 cm2
Open - 89 cm2
EFFICIENCY (4pi geometry): Typically 4% - 14C; 30% - 90Sr/90Y; 20% - 99Tc
NON-UNIFORMITY: Less than 10%
BACKGROUND: Typically 300-350 cpm or less (10 mR/hr field)
COMPATIBLE INSTRUMENTS: General purpose survey meters, ratemeters, and scalers
TUBE: 1.125"(2.9cm) diameter magnetically shielded photomultiplier
OPERATING VOLTAGE: Typically 500 - 1200 volts
CONNECTOR: Series “C” (others available )
CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum housing with beige powdercoat finish
TEMPERATURE RANGE: 5°F(-15°C) to 122°F(50°C)
May be certified to operate from -40°F(-40°C) to 150°F(65°C)
SIZE: 3.2"(8.1 cm)H X 3.5"(8.9 cm)W X 12.2"(31 cm)L
WEIGHT: 1 lb (0.5kg)

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