Model 52 Portal Monitor

  • Portable
  • Assembles or disassembles in 5 minutes
  • Battery or AC Power
  • Carrying Case Included



MODEL 52 Portable Portal Monitor with Carrying Case


INDICATED USE: Portable personnel monitoring (NOTE: This instrument is portable and can be assembled or disassembled in less than 5 minutes. Carrying case is included)
BODY - 14 ea. G-M pancake detectors (2 per channel)
WINDOW - 1.7 plus or minus 0.3 mg/cm▓ mica
WINDOW AREA:ACTIVE - Approximately 15.4 cm▓
OPEN - Approximately 12.2 cm▓
SHOE: 4 ea. stainless steel wall G-M detectors (2 per shoe)
WALL THICKNESS: 37 plus or minus 7 mg/cm▓
ACTIVE LENGTH: Approximately 9"(22.9cm)
SENSITIVITY: Typically 8800 cpm/mR/hr (Cs-137)
THRESHOLD: 45 plus or minus 10 mV
MASTER ALARM: Indicated by red LED's, and audible signal (greater than 68 dB at 2 feet)

NOTE: Alarm can be set at any point from 1 - 9999. Alarm system consists of 8 individual detector arrays and a summing circuit which sums the activity from all detectors. If the activity increases above either alarm threshold setting (individual channel or summing channel) the master alarm circuit is activated.

COUNT TIME: Adjustable from 1 - 60 seconds
READY: (green LED) Indicates the instrument is ready for use
COUNTING: (green LED) Indicates that a count is in process (activated by a switch in the hand cavity)
INCOMPLETE: (amber LED) Indicates the user has stepped off the portal before the count is complete
UPDATING: (amber LED) Indicates the system is updating the background (adjustable from 0 - 99 minutes)
FORCE BACKGROUND UPDATE: Adjustable from 0 - 99 minutes
BACKGROUND COUNT TIME: Can be set at any point from 0 - 99 seconds
POWER: 95 - 135 VAC (178 - 240 VAC available), 50 - 60 Hz single phase (less than 100 mA)
CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum housing with beige polyurethane enamel paint
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -4░ F(-20░ C) to 122░ F(50░ C)
May be certified for operation from -40░ F(-40░ C) to 150░ F(65░ C)
SIZE: 80"(203.3cm)H X 41"(104cm)W X 20.5"(52.1cm)D
PORTAL DIMENSIONS: 76.5"(194.3cm)H X 32"(81.3cm)W
WEIGHT: 65 lbs (29.5kg)

SHIPPING SIZE: 59"(149.9cm)H X 37"(93.9cm)W X 34"(86.4cm)D
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 93 lbs (42.3kg)

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