Pug 7 Series Portable Monitor
Model # PUG-7 /7A /7E /7U



APPLICATION: Any alpha, beta, neutron, X-ray or gamma monitoring program, whether aimed at the measurement or control of radiation levels or of contamination, is served by the versatile PUG-7, combined with a T/A probe. This universal instrument can be used with any P series, Geiger, gas proportional, BF3, or He3 or scintillation probe in the T/A line.

DESCRIPTION: The PUG-7 utilizes continuously adjustable regulated high voltage supply 1500V (2,500 volts on PUG-7A) to operate GM, scintillation gas proportional, BF3, or He3 detector delivering a one millivolt or above pulse. An adjustable discriminator allows full control over system sensitivity. The pulse input is zener diode protected so that probes may be interchanged without shutting off instrument. The high voltage system provides sufficient output to operate GM tubes up to 3 inch diameter without a loss of efficiency as well as PM tubes with voltage dividers of over 100 mega-ohms total resistance. The meter on the PUG instrument reads out in CPM or optionally in SI units or CPS. Additionally, it is provided with a means for mR/hr cards matched to any T/A P series probe. These cards are transparent and adhere to the meter face, thus contamination and radiation levels may be read simultaneously with a variety of probes.

The shell of the instrument is smoothly finished, attractive baked enamel over aluminum case. The cover is machined, black anodized aluminum with white highly visible markings. The meter with a 3-1/2'' scale length presents four ranges. 0-500; 5,000; 50,000; 500,000 counts per minute, plus battery check marking.

MODEL-7E includes a zero suppress feature for use in high background situations or for scintillation incorporating large crystals. The meter reading can be suppressed at least one full decade to permit reading on a lower range and therefore with greater accuracy than otherwise possible.

Technical Associates Model # PUG-7 /7A /7E /7U


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