Tube and Rod Sources for Well Crystals

radiation tube sources for well counterWe offer a selection of exempt quantity gamma sources encapsulated in standard size test tubes or rods for use with well type radiation detectors. These sources are uncalibrated and of nominal activity. The isotope is deposited as a point source in the bottom of the tube and is then sealed with epoxy.





radionuclide rod source by SpectechTwo tube sizes are stocked as standard, 13x100mm and 12x75mm with other sizes available on special order. Rods are available as 5"x0.375" and 5"x0.5".






Isotopes may be selected from the following table:


  Activity Half-life Energies (keV)
Tube Rod      
Ba133TS1 Ba-133RS1 1uCi. 10.7 years 81.0, 276.3, 303.7, 355.9, 383.7
Cd109TS1 Cd-109RS1 1uCi. 453 days 88.0
Co57TS1 Co-57RS1 1uCi. 270 days 122.1, 136.4
Co60TS1 Co-60RS1 1uCi. 5.27 years 1173.2, 1332.5
Cs137TS.1 Cs-137RS.1 0.1uCi. 30.1 years 32, 661.6
Cs137TS1 Cs-137RS1 1uCi. 30.1 years 32, 661.6
Eu152TS1 Eu-152RS1 1uCi. 13.5 years Multiple energies
Mn54TS1 Mn-54RS1 1uCi. 312 days 834.8
Na22TS1 Na-22RS1 1uCi. 2.6 years 1274.5
Zn65TS1 Zn-65RS1 1uCi. 244 days 1115.6


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