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GP-25 Geiger-Mueller Detector Assembly

GP-25 Geiger-Mueller Detector by Spectrum Techniques

The GP-25 is a complete G-M detector assembly utilizing a 25 mm diameter end-window G-M tube for alpha, beta, and gamma detection. The plastic stand includes a sample tray and features 10-slots with 1 cm spacing for performing inverse square law experiments and holding radiation absorbers.

The G-M probe is readily removed from the stand for safe storage, hand-held applications, or replacement.

Order Number: GP-25

Component Parts:

  • GM-25: GM Probe, 25mm end window with BNC connector.
  • GMS-25: 10 position stand with sample tray.
  • BNC-3: BNC/BNC cable, 3-ft.

GM-25 Replacement Geiger-Mueller Tube

GM-25 Replacement Geiger-Mueller tube


Replacement GM tube: 25 mm end window, 2 mg/cm2, 150v plateau, 150 microsecond deadtime, BNC connector.
25 mm OD, x 90 mm L.

Order Number: GM-25

GP-35 Geiger-Mueller Detector Assembly

GP-35 Geiger-Mueller Detector Assembly by Spectrum Techniques

The GP-35 G-M Detector assembly is similar to the GP-25 G-M Detector Assembly but it utilizes a 35 mm Geiger-Mueller tube for added sensitivity and improved counting efficiency.

Order Number: GP-35

Component Parts:

  • GM-35: GM Probe, 35mm end window with BNC connector
  • GMS-35: 10 position stand with sample tray
  • BNC-3: BNC/BNC cable, 3-ft

SPA-38 Scintillation Detector Assembly

SPA-38 Scintillation Detector Assembly by Spectrum Techniques

The SPA-38 Scintillation Detector Assembly provides a complete assembly for gamma spectroscopy applications. The 38x38 mm NaI(Tl) crystal includes PMT and voltage divider as an integral assembly. The probe is supplied complete with a 10-position sample stand, lead shield and cables for connecting directly to the spectrometer. Resolution is typically 7% at 662 keV.

Order Number: SPA-38

Component Parts:

  • SDA-38 Scintillation detector, 38x38mm with with voltage divider.
  • GMS-38 position stand with sample tray and LS038 lead shield.
  • BNC-6 and MHV6 cable assemblies.

SDA-38 Replacement Scintillation Detector

SDA 38 Replacement scintillation detector by Spectrum Techniques

The SDA 38 Replacement scintillation detector is a 38x38 mm crystal, with integral voltage divider, 7% resolution.

Order number: SDA-38

SP-78W Well Detector Assembly

SP-78W Well Detector Assembly by Spectrum Techniques

The SP-78W Well Detector Assembly includes a NaI(Tl) 1.75x2" crystal with 0.7"x1.5" well, voltage divider, stand, lead shield and cable(s). It ideally suited for measuring tube samples and wipes using a multichannel analyzer or scintillation counter.

Ordering Information:

SP78W1 Single wire connection for scintillation counters.

SP78W2 Separate HV and signal cables for use with MCA's.

TS78-1 Tube Stand

TS78-1 Tube stand by Spectrum Techniques

TS78-1 Tube stand for 14-pin PMTs with single wire for HV and signal.

Order Number: TS78-1

SD-78W Replacement Scintillation Well Detector

SD-78W Replacement Scintillation Well Detector by Spectrum Techniques

SD-78W Replacement scintillation well detector for SP78W.

Order Number: SD-78W

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