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ST-450 Scintillation Processor / Single Channel Analyzer


ST-450 Scintillation Processor Single Channel Analyzer by Spectrum Techniques

ST-450 Single Channel Analyzer shown with SP-38 Scintillation Detector

The ST-450 Scintillation Single Channel Analyzer provides a convenient interface between a scintillation detector and counter / scaler for detecting gamma rays over a defined energy range. The front panel controls allow selection of an energy limits so that only gamma-rays within a specific energy range are counted. The ST-450 SCA includes all necessary hardware for connecting a scintillation detector with high voltage and built-in pre-amplifier/amplifier. When used with the Model ST-360 Radiation Scaler, the system offers computer interface capability. Computer interface, control, data transfer and automatic ramping of the baseline produces a full energy spectrum of the emissions. In addition to the ST-360 connection, the instrument includes an single channel analyzer output for use with other counters and an amplifier output for signal monitoring.

When used with the ST-360 Radiation Counter, the Lablink software provides connection to both PC and MAC. This interface allows control of preset time, preset count and baseline ramping. Data is stored in a spreadsheet compatible file for exporting to Excel or other spreadsheet programs. The data may then be graphed to display the energy spectrum of the sample being measured for isotope identification.

ST-450 Single Channel Analyzer Specifications:

ST-450 Single Channel Analyzer front by Spectrum Techniques st-450 single Channel Analyzer back by Spectrum Technqiues

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