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Scintillation Spectrometers and MCA's

Our spectroscopy systems provide a means of recording and analyzing radiation emissions from a variety of samples using a personal computer. Multichannel analyzer systems are available for both PC and Macintosh platforms. The systems are supplied with acquisition and control software, detector, shield and sample stand assembly, a set of eight gamma sources and an experiments manual. All multichannel analyzers include multichannel scaling (MCS) for half-life and other time related studies. Single channel analyzer systems are available for fixed window measurements.

ICS-PCI MCA-based Spectroscopy System for PC
ICS-PCI MCA-based Spectroscopy System by Spectrum Techniques The ICS-PCI system utilizes a PCI card for the multichannel analyzer and is available as 1024, 2048 and 4096 channel versions for Windows 98 and higher.
UCS-30 MCA-based Spectroscopy System for PC and MAC
UCS-30 Advanced Spectrometer System by Spectrum Techniques The UCS-30 is an external MCA interfacing through the computer USB port. This is designed for newer computers supporting USB and lacking an available ISA or PCI slot for a plug-in card. It is also for people who do not want to open their computer to install a plug-in card. System Software is provided for Windows and some Macintosh.
Single Channel Analyzer System
ST-450 Single Channel Analyzer System by Spectrum Techniques This single channel analyzer system includes the ST450 SCA System with the SP-38 detector. Single channel analyzer systems are available for fixed window measurements such as wipe testing and medical applications.

All systems may be configured with alternate detectors and lead shield assemblies. See Detectors and Stands.

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