ST-360 Radiation Counter

ST-360 radiation counter by Spectech


The Spectrum Techniques ST360 Radiation Counter represents the latest technology in bench top nuclear counters. Offered as a direct replacement for the popular ST350, this new instrument features many improvements and additions to enhance application and flexibility for Nuclear Science instruction, Nuclear Medicine and Health Physics training.

In addition to supporting many types of GM counters the instrument now includes an internal preamplifier and improved high voltage supply to operate scintillation detectors as a gamma counter for wipe testing and other gross gamma measurements.

The ST360 will operate as a stand-alone bench top instrument or may be controlled by a PC or Macintosh computer for remote operation and data storage. Computer connectivity has been enhanced by the addition of a USB interface for Plug and Play operation. RS-232 serial outputs are still provided for connection to older computers without USB ports.

The STX software supplied with the ST360 Radiation Counter produces computer screen displays of all functions including analog emulation of the ratemeter mode. Real-time data is automatically transferred to the computer and stored in spreadsheet compatible files. Data analysis and graphical presentation is now possible using many common spreadsheet programs. Both PC and Macintosh software is included. The PC software operates on Window 95 and higher and the Macintosh software is compatible with System 7 through System 9. (Not all operating systems support USB). See STX software for more information here.


GM Input: BNC connector. Accepts standard Geiger Counters. Common HV.

SCINT Input: MHV connector. Anode signal from scintillation detector. Common HV.

High voltage: 0 to +1200 volts, stabilized. Digitally selectable in 10 volt increments.

Display: 6-decade LED, 1 in. numerals displays counts, preset counts, preset time, CPM, CPS, alarm level, and high voltage.

Modes: Count for preset time, counts/min., counts/sec., set alarm level 0-999999, set high voltage 0-1200v. Auto sensing serial or USB connection.

Audio: Beeps on input counts. Continuous tone if count rate exceeds preset level.

Data Links : USB connector for PC and Macintosh. DB-9 connectors accept RS-232 serial cable for computers not equipped with USB.

Power: Input 9 volt DC, at 500mA from AC line/charger. Specify 110-120, 220-240 VAC at time of order.

Dimensions: 12 in. W, x 8 in. H, x 4.5 in. D.

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