Model AP2C Chemical Warfare Agent Detector

Proengin Model AP2C Chemical Warfare agent detector

The AP2C unit is a Chemical Warfare (CW) agent detector. It detects nerve and mustard agents and identifies Vx in liquid and vapor forms. This sensitive chemical warfare detector is sensitive to low sarin concentrations of 10 micrograms/m³ in 2 seconds. The AP2C detector is ideal for initial reconnaissance, providing unique capabilities for mass screening and monitoring decontamination on casualties and equipment. The AP2C Chemical Warfare (CW) agent detector is constructed to military specifications and is utlized by military forces and emergency response teams worldwide. Users include military, police and fire departments in France, Sweden, Israel and Australia, and the United states.

Model AP2C Chemical Warfare Agent Detects:

Vx- Agent
VG (Vm)


Isopropyl ester
Sulfur Mustard
Sulfur Mustard
Not suitable for use to detect Toxic Industrial Materials, Gases & Vapors

AP2C Chemical Warfare Agent Detector is available with various accessories and interfaces for expanded surveillance use, special applications, test modules and portable test bench. Also available in versions for vehicular use and portable detection alarm systems. Other equipment available for facilities and marine detection systems.

AP2C kit provides instant detection of chemical warfare agents in both vapor and liquid forms. AP2C is engineered to detect traces of vapor or liquid contamination by nerve and mustard (G, V, HD) agents simultaneously in all operational and climate conditions, even if the agents are not chemically pure.


Sensitivity: 1.7.10-3 ppm GB (10mg/m³)
1.7.10-3 ppm HD (400mg/m³)
Response Time: less than 2 seconds
Operation: £ 2 minutes (T ³ 68º F)
Duration: 12 hours with battery unit & H2 storer

Unit Weight: 4.4 Lbs. (2 Kg)
Weight of S4PE (liquid detector): 0.9 Lbs. (.4 Kg)
Kit Weight: 13.2 Lbs. (6 Kg)
Kit Dimensions: 18.1 x 7.1 x 4.7 inches (460mm x 380mm x 170mm)
Storage Temperature: -38.2°F to +160°F (-39°C to + 71°C)
Rain Proof (model AP2Ce Intrinsically Safe)
Decontaminable body/interchangeable wedging
Shock proof, withstands being dropped from 39.37 in (1 m) high

UC AP2C Kit Contents:

(1) AP2C portable detection systems for gas and liquid agents
(1) S4PE device for sampling liquid agents
(2) hydrogen storers
(2) AP2C batteries
(2) S4PE batteries
(1) pack of (10) sample scrapers
(1) pack of (10) test scrapers
(1) buzzer clip
(1) S4PE sampling tube
(1) spare sampling nozzle
(1) Technical Guide
(1) black Pelican Case for detector & hardware

(2) 1 year warranty


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