AM-801 Portal Monitor Collapsible and portable

wb Johnson AM-801 MonitorFor Personnel Radiation Detection

This portal monitor features a full color VGA touch screen. Plastic scintillation detectors cover four quadrants of the human body. Gamma and higher energy beta is detectable. Alarm rate is adjustable, but this portal monitor will detect a Cs-137 source as low as one micro curie. The electronics are all digital, microprocessor controlled. This portal monitor fits into a hard case; the entire package weighs approximately 100 lbs. The case is easily moved via casters and handle. The portal monitor is assembled without tools in less than ten minutes. The portal monitor is user-friendly and requires minimal training. The user has the option of an AC or DC power source. A quick response time of 100 milliseconds allows 500 persons to be processed per hour. An optional vehicle monitor kit is available for this portal monitor.

am-801 touch screen user interface

AM-801 Portal Monitor Specifications

General: Radiation detection for personnel / pedestrians
Setup: No tools required, approximately ten minutes
Display: Full color VGA, Touch sensitive screen. Full color graphics indicate: Normal operation, Errors, and Alarms. All operating parameters: Detector CPS, High Voltage, Set points available on operator screen.
Sensitivity:  Meets FEMA sensitivity requirements of less than 1 uCi Cs-137 source during walk through
Processing Rate: Approximately 500 persons per hour
Detectors: Four Plastic Scintillation detectors, 36” L x 3” W x 1.5” D, placed in four quadrants of the body
Scintillators: W/PMT Detector,  162 cubic inches, each detector is 648 cubic inches
Operating modes and data entry: Walk/Drive-through or timed count. System Constantly measures background and automatically subtracts from each measurement.
Audible commands and alarms: System is pre-programmed with appropriate commands to coincide with operations (i.e. Wait, System not Ready, Ready, Too Fast, See Operator). Commands can be configured.
Person and/or Vehicle Sensor and Counter: Optical sensors automatically sense person or vehicle from entering counting area. Counter automatically counts number of persons or vehicles per day, shift, etc and saves count and time/date of vehicles exceeding alarm set points.
Range: 0-100,000 CPS
Printer/PC Output: RS-232, 9 PIN Connector
Relay Output: Optional dry contact can be configured to operate within alarm set points. Display graphics indicate alarm by changing color of parameter that is alarming.
Diagnostics: HV Out of Range, Battery Low, Detector out of Range, Incomplete Count, Background Fault
Range Adjustment: Auto-ranging system automatically and continuously measures background until vehicle sensor starts analyzer program.
Response Time: 100 milliseconds
Drift: LESS THAN 5%
High Voltage: 300 vdc — 1500 vdc ±1% Regulation
Environmental: -4°F (-20° C) 140°F (60° C),  5-95% RH
Dimensions: Inside portal: 72” High  X 36”Width, Outside Portal: 84” High X 42” Width
Power: 120 –250 VAC and backup of "D" size alkaline batteries, 8 hours nominal operation
Weight: Portal Monitor weighs 75 lbs
Construction: Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Vehicle Monitoring Kit: Includes all materials and shipping case necessary to separate detectors a maximum of ten feet.

AM-801 Portal Monitor – Portable Personnel Portal (Detection of <1uCi – side detectors only) with 4 SIDE Detectors......................
AM-801-5-T Portal Monitor – Portable Personnel Portal (Detection of <1uCi – side detectors only) Plus TOP Detector.....................
AM-801-5-B Portal Monitor – Portable Personnel Portal (Detection of <1uCi – side detectors only) Plus BOTTOM Detector............
AM-801-6 Portal Monitor – Portable Personnel Portal (Detection of <1uCi – side detectors only) Plus TOP & BOTTOM Detector......
VH-1 KIT Vehicle Kit Adaptor for Am-801.......

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