Ludlum Model 701, 702, 703, 711 Multi-channel Analyzer for Gamma and Neutron spectroscopy

The basic Model 700 MCA unit consists of the spectrometer electronics with the gamma ray detector (NaI Scintillation), which is normally attached underneath the instrument. A neutron scintillation detector is another option. The following detectors correspond with the following  model numbers:

1” x 1” NaI detector.......... Model 701

2” x 2” NaI detector.......... Model 702

3” x 3” NaI detector...........Model 703

1.5” x 1.5” LaBr detector.....Model 711


The power source includes a battery pack with eight rechargeable “AA” batteries and an AC power adapter. The Compact Flash card stores spectra compliant to ANSI standard (N42.42) , specific system configuration information, and easily upgradeable system firmware. "Quantum" software is included for PC interface.

Optional devices include: neutron detector, personal computer, five foot detector cable, car power adapter, headphones and headphone adapter, set of eight (8) rechargeable batteries, and an AC battery charger.

The instrument can be operated either in a simple user mode or in an advanced mode . The Model 700 series offers two log-on modes: User and Administrator. The User functions allow first line responders to perform all the tasks needed in the line of duty. The Administrator functions allow a Health Physicist or other expert to set up the device for specific applications, and to perform additional maintenance functions. This instrument  meets the requirements of ANSI N42.34


Model 700 series MCA screenshots:

Dial Screen Finder  Search Mode Screen
Bars Search mode Screen Spectrum Search Mode Screen
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