Predator MCA - Isotope Identifier

Various configurations available, including neutron detection.

Predator by D-Tech

Available Predator Configurations:

The Predator series is a user-friendly, advanced isotope identifier. With this MCA, isotope identification is a one-stop process. This powerful
instrument features a combination of up to four different detectors to identify 107 different radioactive materials. The isotope library includes: medical isotopes, industrial isotopes, and other nuclear materials.

Advanced signal processing electronics combine data from all detectors to identify the source. Other leading products utilize more simplistic detector arrays, yielding less accurate data. Furthermore, some MCA's will not even identify the isotope, forcing the user to manually compare energy peaks with library data. The Predator eliminates guesswork and delivers accurate, critical data when it is needed.

In addition to isotope identification, the Predator is a sensitive radiation detector. Safety personnel can efficiently survey high volumes of people, packages, vehicles, or danger areas. The source of radiation can be swiftly detected in critical situations, for dose/rate measurement and isotope identification.

The Predator features a built-in Bluetooth wireless data link that transmits data to a remote PC up to 300 feet away. The Predator is built to withstand
rugged environments. It is useful in all weather conditions, and it will endure rigorous decontamination procedures. All radiation measurements are stored in non-volatile memory. No measurement data is lost, even when power outages occur. The Predator only requires three D-cell batteries, available at any drug store. No expensive charger or special power supply is required. The Predator is ready when you are.

Detectors: Large 4 or 8 cm array (**) of Cadmium Zinc Telleride (CZT) high-resolution crystals Large 24.4
cm3 Sodium Iodide detector with high-sensitivity photo-multiplier tube Geiger-Mueller detector
He3 Neutron Detector (**)
Response Time: Less than 1 second
Units: mrems/hr, μSv/hr, μR/hr
Calibration: Automatic (background)
Alarms: Dose rate level, gamma detection level, neutrons
Display: High-resolution 65,000 color 3.6” (320 x 240) backlit LCD Controls 3 pushbuttons, power
on/off switch
Datalinks: Bluetooth (Class 1, 100 meter range) or IRDA
Power: Three D-cell batteries
Battery Life: 12 hours
Environment: Driving rain per Mil-STD-810. 5° F to 130° F. (-15° C to 54° C). 3 ft drop onto concrete in case. Operates in high RF environments.
Relative Humidity: 0-100%, condensing
Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.3 x 11.2 in.
Weight: 7.45 lbs (3.38 kg) with batteries
(**) Dependent on model selected, see Available Predator Configurations above

Isoptope Library

Na-22 Sr-89 I-132 Dy-165 Co-60 In111 La-140 Ra-226
K-40 Zr-95 Te-132 Yb-169 Zn-62 I-123 Ce-141 Th-232
Sc-46 Nb-96 Ba-133 Tm-170 Ga-64 I-124 Ce-144 U-233
Ca-47 Tc-96 I-133 Lu-177 Zn-65 Sb-124 Pr-144 U-235
Cr-51 Mo-99 Xe-133 Hf-181 Ga-67 I-125 Sm-145 Np-237
Mn-52 Tc-99m Cs-134 Ta-182 As-72 Sb-125 Nd-147 U-238
Mn-54 Pd-103 I-134 Re-186 As-74 I-126 Tb-149 Pu-239
Co-55 Ru-103 I-135 Re-188 Se-75 Sb-127 Eu-152 Pu-240
Mn-56 Rh-106 Xe-135 Ir-192 Br-75 Xe-127 Gd-153 Am-241
Co-57 Cd-109 Cs-137 Tl-201 Br-77 I-131 Sm-153 Cf-251
Co-58 Pd-109 Ce-139 Pb-203 Y-88 Xe-131m Eu-155 Fe-59
Ag-110m Ba-140 Bi-207

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