CT Electron Density Phantom


Gammex CT Electron Density PhantomCreate CT-to-density tables with ease for consistent calibration of your IVDT. Configure tissue inserts in any orientation.


• Materials developed to ICRU-44 specifications
• Zero HU Solid Water® base


• 33 cm diameter
• Includes 16 insert chambers
• Includes 13 different materials
--Lung (LN-300 & LN-450)
--Adipose (AP6)
--Zero HU Solid Water® (x4)
--Liver (LV1)
--Inner Bone
--Bone (B200, CB2-30% Mineral & CB2-50% Mineral)
--Cortical Bone (SB3)
--True Water
--Optional Aluminum (1100-H14)
--Optional Titanium (Grade 2)
--Optional Stainless Steel (Type 316)
• Optional rods extend density range to 8 g/cm3
• Includes scribe lines for alignment
• Includes bubble-free true water container
• Includes 7 cm rods


Standard Inserts:

Lung, Adipose, Breast, CT Solid Water, Brain, Liver, Inner Bone, Bone B200, Bone CB2-30%, Mineral, Bone CB2-50% Mineral, Cortical Bone SB3, True Water

Optional Inserts Include:

Stainless Steel

Warranty: 5 Years


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